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Just another night walk in the center of Ho Chi Minh City

It was Saturday night and my friend just came from Singapore. We just walked around to sightseeing. It was her first time to Ho Chi Minh City, so i took her around Le Thanh Ton street to Dong Khoi Street. Many stores prepared to end their day because it was 9.30 pm already. So we just walked and took some pictures.

First we went to Saigon Opera House. Using our camera it was hard to get the whole Opera Building. We need to take the picture from across the street.

Taken from Caravelle Hotel side.

I took this picture from in front of Caravelle Hotel. Not bad eh? 😀

Saigon Opera House

This one taken from across the street, in front of construction area. Need to be careful of motorbike though.

The walk continued to Dong Khoi Street and we saw this beautiful cafe.

Khanh Casa

We wanted to try but taken back after reading the menu. Price for smoothies is 85k vnd (before tax). Maybe next time when we can really spend the time there, and not in a hurry 😀

Next, we saw this beautiful design of a hotel entrance.

Times Square Saigon

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The last stop was City Hall.

City Hall Saigon at night

This time it was not packed with people, and i got a chance to take picture when the fountain is on! The lights keep changing after some period of time.

And finally after some walking, we arrived at home. Need to get ready for the next day because the real adventure day has just started! 

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