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Ho Chi Minh City Trip Diary – Day 2

We started day 2 with a visit to Cu Chi Tunnel. I would recommend to go there with a tour, or if you rent a car please go at 7am or 8am. We were really late, it was 10 am when we took off from Ho Chi Minh City. It takes almost 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi Tunnel.

This is my 3rd time to Cu Chi Tunnel. I know most of the story that the tour guide told us lol. During those 3 times I always heard something new about Cu Chi Tunnel, so it’s still quite fun for me to come. I can be a photographer for my friend as well lol.

Don’t miss walking through the tunnel here. I think that is the most exciting (and tiring) experience in Cu Chi Tunnel. The whole tour in Cu Chi takes about 1 hr to 1.5 hrs.

We were finished around 1.30pm, and very hungry. Luckily we ate tapioca at the end of the tour, enough to survive the hunger. The nearest mall is AEON Mall in Binh Duong. It’s a Japanese-concept mall. We looked around and checked on the menu on several restaurant to find something interesting.

bo luc lac nijyu maru
bo luc lac nijyu maru

In the end we picked a Japanese restaurant. I ordered Grilled Beef and a bowl of rice. They have a set menu for this but I don’t think I can finish it because it also has soup and salad. This dish is okay. It tasted bland…really bland. I poured soya sauce in small plate to dip in the meat. The meat was actually good, it cooked nicely and didn’t smelly, but it was a part of beef that has many fat (I don’t know what it’s called).

After we filled up our stomach, we looked around the mall a bit. Then continued by drinking tea in Phuc Long Coffee and Tea.

Phuc Long Latte Tea and Peach Milk Tea
Phuc Long Latte Tea and Peach Milk Tea

I ordered Hot Latte Tea, while my friend ordered Hot Peach Milk Tea. It was really good! Mine is 42.000 vnd and hers is 35.000 vnd. The portion is very small. It’s half of the glass 😦 They have many branches in Ho Chi Minh City but mostly inside a mall. Outside of the mall they are all Phuc Long Express, with minimum number of seats.

Next destination was Golden Dragon Water Puppet. We couldn’t catch the 5 pm show, so we tried to get to 6.30 pm. The road was very busy because of rush hour, and we managed to get there at 6.25 pm. We ran to ticket counter and was told that all the tickets were sold out. Disappointed, but couldn’t do anything. My driver couldn’t believe that the tickets sold out so he walked there and asked them in Vietnamese, and miraculously we got 2 tickets! We paid 180.000 vnd per person and went in directly with a guy who showed us our seats.

It’s an interesting show. I’ve been here for 3 times already lol, each time with different guest. I wish I can make a membership card or something and get a free ticket for myself, so next time if someone come to visit me I can accompany them for free! Just a wishful thinking. . .

We ended day 2 with some night walking from Dong Khoi Street to my apartment.

Night view
Night view


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