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Secret Garden by Johanna Basford – Coloring Book for adult

Ever since I was a little, I like to do the coloring book. Only that though. . I don’t have any talent in drawing from scratch, but I do like to play with color and made the picture more beautiful (according to me haha). Couple months ago I watched a drama where the character likes to color a book in her spare time to relax, and that kind of inspired me. I want a coloring book too!

I went to some book stores here to find a coloring book for children but nothing interested me. I didn’t know there is a coloring book for adult (and it’s very famous too!). Last night my husband went back from office and said his colleagues forced him to buy me a book. This book!

secret garden
Secret Garden Cover in Vietnamese

OMG!! This is awesome! I looked at the content and my mind blown away. I wanted to start coloring right away but I don’t have any coloring pen now 😦

secret garden secret garden secret garden secret gardenThis book was made by Johanna Basford, a Scottish artist. It has been translated to many language. Mine is Vietnamese, but I don’t mind. It’s a coloring book!

There is another interesting thing in this book. Treasure hunt! There are several items you need to find throughout the book. Total 84 pages of drawing. I can’t wait to go to bookstore and get a set of coloring pen!

If you go to her website : http://www.johannabasford.com/books, there are 3 books. I will get the other 2 as well xD

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