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Kem Bach Dang – Ice Cream Place in Ho Chi Minh City

After lunch, we went to a book store in Le Loi Street. On the way there, I saw this ice cream place, Kem Bach Dang. I went there once before with my friend. Kem in Vietnamese means Ice Cream. It’s a local ice cream shop. Someone told me that it’s like a local Haagen Dazs or Baskin-Robbins. The address is 28 Lê Lợi, Bến Nghé, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

When we came there, the waiter asked us to go upstairs. Their first floor also available, but it’s an open air area, no air-conditioner. So we went to second floor. Many tourists were there, so this place is quite famous i guess.

We sat on one of the corner and read the menu, while the waiter gave us free drink and a plate of pork pie (this one is not free). We ordered 1 ice cream each 😀

Strawberry Da Lat Ice Cream
Strawberry Da Lat Ice Cream

This one is recommended! The ice cream taste was really fresh, kind of like a sorbet. And the cookie also quite good.

4 Flavor Ice Cream
4 Flavor Ice Cream

I wanted to try Durian Ice Cream at first, but my husband found this 4-flavor ice cream. Hmm…tempting. It has strawberry ice cream, taro ice cream, durian ice cream and coconut ice cream. Ok i ordered it then. When it came, I tried it one by one. The strawberry ice cream has different taste than the one my husband ordered! This one taste like normal ice cream, a bit milky. I prefer sorbet-like strawberry ice cream. Taro ice cream was okay but not special. Coconut ice cream and durian ice cream were good, although i couldn’t tell which one is Coconut and which one is Durian. If i see from the color, the white one should be coconut flavor, and the yellow-green-ish one should be durian flavor. Maybe next time i will just order Durian Ice Cream xD

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