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Secret Garden – Cover and First Page Full Color

After a few days, I managed to color 2 pages! Yay… lol. If you haven’t read about this coloring book, then you can read it here.

I was looking for staedtler triplus fineliner in local bookstore, but they don’t have it 😦 So i changed to stabilo point 88. It has 0.4 mm tip (compare to 0.3 mm staedtler has) but it still works fine. There is only 1 problem i found… the ink sometime went through the next page, especially dark color. So i need to be really careful and hold it lightly when coloring.

My test page was the book cover inside. I put many different colors to see how they do on the paper.

Cover on progress
Cover Final

Tadaa.. what do u think? For me, whether it is good or not, i am happy to finish this lol. I felt relax when i did the coloring.

Next one, i tried on the first picture page. Way to many objects to color >__< I was struggling on finding the good color combination for each one of them. Sometime i felt stressful on picking up the color lol.

Page 1 on progress
Page 1 on progress

In the end, i decided just finish the page with any color my hand picked. I did this to relax, so no need to stress out myself trying to make a beautiful picture.

Page 1 Final
Page 1 Final

Apparently this picture has a good rate from some of my friends. I’m so happy!.. at least my struggle (with color), my work is appreciated lol.

I still want that coloring pen from staedtler though. . .

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