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Quan Bui – Vietnamese Cuisine

I like Vietnamese food, and I know that Quan Bui is one of good restaurant for that. At least for my 2 visits before. This time I was really disappointed šŸ˜¦

We ordered several dishes, and none of it could made me smile (means it wasn’t good enough). The first dish we ordered was stir fried small clams with chilli. On my first 2 visits, i ordered this one as well and they were good. And this time, I don’t like it. It has some big clams as well now, and the taste was different. This time was rather bland (not even spicy!). Really disappointed on this one.

Stir-fried small clams
Stir-fried small clams

The second dish we ordered was fried tofu in Quan Bui style. I like the texture of the tofu but couldn’t taste anything on it. It was really bland so I have to dip it in soy sauce to make it taste better. The texture was really good, crispy on the skin and soft (but not dense) inside.

Fried tofu Quan Bui style
Fried tofu Quan Bui style

Last dish we ordered was Chicken with Tamarind Sauce. This one is really not recommended. The chicken meat was dry and it didn’t go well with the tamarind sauce. It was hard to finished this one >_<

Chicken with tamarind sauce
Chicken with tamarind sauce

I don’t know if I will go there again, because even my favorite dish didn’t taste good šŸ˜¦

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