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Da Nang – First Night

Touchdown! Da Nang City. The 3rd biggest city in Vietnam.

Baggage Claim Area

The airport is quite good. Not too big in size but presentable and clean. There is 1 booth about tourist information. We took free map from there. There were many brochure to take if you need any.

We walked out of the airport and trying to find taxi to go to our hotel. There was no taxi stand sign. But it’s easy to find taxi. Just across the street and you will see many taxi companies. I was looking for mailinh taxi or vinasun, because they are trusted in saigon and they use taxi meter.

We took vinasun and told them about our hotel.


I feel taxi here is faster and more reckless than in ho chi minh.

It wasn’t took long to reach our hotel. The meter showed 63.000 vnd. We paid with 100.000 vnd and 3.000 vnd, so that he can just return us 50.000 vnd. He did return it to us but only 20.000 vnd. So basically we paid taxi for 93.000 vnd ~.~ Better use exact amount to pay here.

The bellboy of the hotel helped us with our luggage. I took care of the check in. We got 1 key, and voucher for spa everyday! I didn’t know this before. I only know that breakfast is included. Gonna try the spa tomorrow then 😀

Twin room


This is our room. Looks good. Got this from booking.com with deal. Couldn’t get doubleroom 😦

Gotta rest now. Tomorrow we will meet with our friend and will go on a tour.
Good night~

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