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Hungry Pig – all about bacon

Hungry Pig is a restaurant selling burgers and sandwiches in district 1 Ho Chi Minh City. We went there because we read about bacon bar. Bacon Bar! What does it look like? We imagined there is a bar full of all kind of bacon. Hmm.. yummy~ (ok, wipe that drool).

As we arrived there, we saw the place is not big. No air-conditioner, only fan. There are 2 small tables and 1 big table only in the room. We walked to the cashier to order. Looked around but didn’t see bacon bar 😦

Hungry pig interior

After we finished ordering the food, we sat on one of small table. On the wall we saw posters with ‘bacon’ names on it, like kevin bacon, or this poster below.

Nice one haha. Really all about bacon.
Someone from the kitchen came out bringing a big plate, pasta plate. I was wondering why he has that plate on his hand, is it his food?! And my question answered in seconds haha. He ate something on it while looking at the street. Then he walked back to the kitchen, while eating! Lol. Walked leisurely while eating his food. Meanwhile our food took ages to come.

They gave us our drink first. My husband ordered orange juice but they gave him lime juice. I checked on the bill and it says lime juice. He even mentioned orange juice 2 times when he ordered, but the cashier still put lime juice lol. It is weird if their english is bad since the location of restaurant is backpacker area. Maybe she was just daydreaming when she took our order xD

Larue beer

And this beer is my order. I wanted to drink beer. The taste is very similar to Bintang Beer in Indonesia, which I don’t like 😐

Hungry pig sandwiches

Our sandwiches came. Time to open the wrap.


This one is my order, Bacon-aise. A baguette filled with lettuce, bacon and mayo. It was good.

I didn’t take photo of the other sandwich. It was panini with some chili bacon and cheese. Tasted not bad. The panini bread was good.

So in the end we knew that bacon bar means they serve many types of bacon, but not displayed. They have delivery service as well.

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