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Pet Grooming Service in Ho Chi Minh City

As a dog owner (especially long hair dog), I want to try a pet grooming service sometime. It hasn’t been long since I adopted my dog, so it’s very tempting to try on grooming her.

I brought her to Saigon Pet Clinic before, for grooming, but it wasn’t on my account. It was still on the animal rescue organization account. I didn’t pay for that one. That is why I don’t know how much is it to have grooming service there. But this time I need to pay for the service.

I tried asking in dogwalker’s whatsapp group and someone suggested me to go to 53 Dang Dung street. He always bring his dogs there for grooming. For full service (bath, hair cut, nail cut, and ear cleaning), it costs 350.000 vnd for his dogs. That’s not too bad considering it’s a professional groomer and the other place I know charged for 600.000 vnd.

When I had the time last week I went there. My friend told me that the place is next to pet hospital so I won’t miss it. It’s true. The place is actually at the same place with the hospital. Uses the same entrance as the hospital as well. And there is pet shop too there. It’s a good pet shop. It has many items and has reasonable price.

The grooming service is located on the left side from the entrance. My dog was busy smelling out the area. The reception still busy with another customer, so I just waited there and looked around as well. Suddenly I feel my dog pulled me so hard. She tried to get out of there. I carried her and I can feel her body was shaking so hard. At that moment I was contemplating whether it was a good idea to leave her there. I don’t want my dog to be stressed out.

While I was still wondering what should I do, the reception was empty already and she asked me what kind of service I want. I never did this before, so based on what my friend told me I told her that I want bath, hait cut, nail cut and ear cleaning. She asked me to go with her to scale my dog’s weight. It is 5kg. Then she looked for the price at the price list. For 5 kg is 420k vnd. It’s more expensive than what my friend told me but I think worth to try.

I told her I want to see how my dog react first with her. So i gave her the leash and it was okay. She brought my dog to a transparant glass box and put her there. My poor baby, she was scared. The girl asked me how do I want the hair cut will be. I told her just a normal hair cut, just make it shorter and tidy. This was also what my friend told me. I need to tell them exactly what I want or else they will cut it like a poodle.

I left her there around 13.45. In one of the glass box, with other dogs on another boxes. And at 15.30 there was a phone call from the hospital saying the grooming has finished and I can pick up my dog. I rushed there to see my beloved dog. The lady took her out and gave her to me. She was so happy, and again, she wanted to get out from there as soon as possible. Without further delay, I paid for the service and took her in the car.

She was very fragrant! SmelIs good and really strong smell lol. I saw on the bill she got grooming full service (maybe included spa! :o). Her hairs are very smooth. Nice and tidy cut. She looks lovely!

Looks so smooth and soft!

Once we got home she was very happy. But I noticed something. She checked her bottom part frequently. I checked it as well and saw some red thin lines on her tummy. Poor baby, she must got that from the shaving. She is okay now after few days, but I wonder if I want to send her there again. Or try a new place.

Here are some addresses I know for pet grooming service :
– little dog (523 nguyen dinh chieu, d3, hcmc).
– saigon pet clinic (no. 33 street 41 thao dien, d2, hcmc)
– new hospital 2 (53 Dang Dung, d1, hcmc)

How is your experience with pet grooming in saigon? Or do you want to suggest another good pet grooming? Please let me know in comment below 😉

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