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Pet Boarding Service @ Saigon Pet Clinic

One of the concern about having a pet (in my case, a dog) is where to leave them when we are going to go away from home for several days. And this was my concern too last week. I needed to go back to Indonesia for a week so I had to leave my dog here. At first, one of my friend offered me to dog sitting my dog (Yes, there is that option as well if you have a friend who willing to do pet sitting), but then her dog got sick so I didn’t want to burden her.

I’ve been hearing that Saigon Pet Clinic in Thao Dien district 2 has boarding service and it costs about USD $10 per day. I didn’t know other trusted pet hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, so this was my only choice to make sure someone take care of my dog. Beside, I know the people there as well since I do dog walking everyday (it starts from the clinic). They took the dogs for a short walk everyday, so I can be assured that my dog will get enough exercise.

I left my dog there on Nov 10th and took her back on Nov 17th. Total cost is 1.540.000 vnd for 7 days. Here’s the breakdown : boarding service is 180.000vnd per day, and food is 40.000 vnd per day. Total per day is 220.000 vnd. The food is very costly 😦 I could buy one package of dog food with money that much!

So here are the tips if you wanna leave your pet in boarding / pet sitting :
– bring his/her favorite toy as well
– bring the food (some pets have their special food, but even if they don’t I recommend to bring it to trim the food cost xD).

Do you have other recommendation for pet boarding? Or do you have experience using boarding service at saigon pet clinic? Please comment below 😉

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