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Fried Crab Spring Roll @Wrap & roll

I’ve been in Vincom Center for several times, and spent most of the time on the basement because that’s where the restaurants are. Trust me, don’t go to the food-court on highest floor. If you’re looking for something to eat or drink, or just to hang out with friends, go to basement area. There are many restaurants and coffee shops.

This time I tried Wrap & Roll. I was tempted by the picture they put outside of the restaurant actually. There were only a few people eating when I came there. It was after lunch time at that time but I was so hungry. I sat down on one of the table. The waiter gave me the menu and it wasn’t long for me to decide what I want. Fried Crab Spring Roll. Yup, one of my favorite food in Vietnam.

Fried Crab Spring Roll Wrap and Roll
Fried Crab Spring Roll

It came in 2 pieces with soup and noodle. The portion is smaller than I thought, considering its price. The taste is delicious. It’s just too expensive xD

Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk Wrap and Roll
Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk

I ordered this dessert because the other dessert that I wanted was sold out 😦 This is a kind of hot dessert. It tasted really good, and rather heavy.

The total bill was 180.000 vnd. Quite expensive for Vietnamese food. But it’s worth to try if you hungry and see this restaurant nearby.

Wrap & Roll is a Vietnamese chain-restaurant. Can be found anywhere in Saigon, not only in Vincom Center. Visit their website:  for more information. It’s in Vietnamese language though.


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