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Cirebon – Culinary Trip

Have you ever been to Cirebon City? You should if you haven’t. It’s one of the city in West Java, Indonesia, as well as my hometown. With the new highway built, more people from Jakarta and Bandung are coming to Cirebon either for pilgrimage, vacation or culinary trip, or all!

Cirebon Station at night

I just want to share about culinary part from my last visit two weeks ago. I arrived at Cirebon by train from Jakarta. What I love about Cirebon is the food. Many different kind of food and delicious and affordable price (some even very cheap!). I only have 3 days to do the culinary there but it’s satisfying. So, let’s start the list :

1. Nasi Langgi 

Nasi Langgi

This is my favorite Nasi Langgi, because it has long beans. Looks very simple but I like the taste better than the newer version of it. Nowadays they put meat as well and many people like that one better. But I stick to the traditional one, my favorite since I was a little. For this one, I don’t know where to get it. My mom bought it for me haha. But you can show this picture to local people there and they should be able to tell you where to go. This one is very busy in the morning, so make sure to be there early or else you won’t get it.

2. Mie Murni

Yamien asin Mie Murni

I like dry-style noodle like this one. We call it Yamien in Indonesia. And since I like salty thing, I ordered Yamien Asin (salty dry noodle). This place is my favorite noodle restaurant since I was in Junior High School. I didn’t expect they still there, but they do! And they still taste good. I don’t like their wonton though. It has very thick skin. I must say this is the best noodle in Cirebon. They are located at Jalan Pasuketan no. 21.

3. Nasi Jamblang Bu Fitri

Nasi Jamblang Bu Fitri

This one is considered new, but it become really famous now. At first they only open from 9 pm. But now, they start selling from 7 pm.

Nasi Jamblang Bu Fitri

There are many kind of dishes you can order. The price depends on what item you ate. For me, I never eaten meat here, so it’s always very cheap when I ate. About 18.000 rupiah. It’s at Jl. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo, in front of GTC.

4. Nasi Ati depan Santa

Nasi Ati Depan Santa Maria

This one is not healthy but good! Everything that is not healthy is always taste good xD They sell every part of chicken in fried. I ordered rice with fried chicken liver, fried chicken skin, and fried chicken intestine. The chili is very spicy but yummy. I can eat a lot of these if I’m not reminded of high cholesterol lol. They are only open from about 11 AM until they run out of stock. Usually very busy at lunch time. It’s located at Jl Sisingamangaraja – in front of Santa Maria Catholic School.

5. Cirebon Seafood (Acoy)

Never disappointed eating here. Try their “Udang Gulung” and “Fuyunghai”. Finger-licking good! Cirebon Seafood is located on the ground floor of Hotel Cahaya Jl. Kalibaru Selatan, Cirebon. They have room with air conditioner behind.

6. Nasi Jamblang Mang Dul

Nasi Jamblang Mang Dul

Another nasi jamblang that is really famous in Cirebon. They are already around since I was in Junior High School. I used to eat this at night, because they only open at night before. The rice is packed in small size, so you will need more than 1 pack per meal. My mom only eat 1 pack though. For this place, my favorite are ‘telur dadar’, ‘sambal’, and ‘tahu sayur’. Those are my order whenever I went there. They are open 24 hours now, and located at Jl. Cipto ( opposite of Grage Mall).

7. Tahu Gejrot


Another traditional dish from Cirebon. Tahu gejrot. If you like spicy food, you can ask the seller to give you more chili. For my order, I didn’t use any chili, just extra onion. Hmm.. yummy. For this one, you can find it in front of Shinta Manisan, Jl. Lemah Wungkuk, on its pedestrian.

8. Mie Koclok


This one also special dishes in Cirebon. They cooked the noodle and mixed it with coconut milk sauce. Not everyone like this, but if you haven’t tried it you should do it. There are a few place for this noodle, but the famous one is at Jl Lawanggada. This one also quite famous and tasty. It’s on Jl. Pekarungan (dekat Masjid Merah Panjunan).

9. Seafood Pak Kliwon

This place is very far from the city, but worth the trip. The price is affordable, and big portion as well. If you wanna try this, you can go to Jl. Kalijaga No.1, Pelabuhan Perikanan Nusantara, Kejawanan, Cirebon. It’s inside a fisher compound.

Do you have favorite place to eat in Cirebon as well? Do let me know in comment below 😉




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