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The temple club – Vietnamese Restaurant

Sometime a fancy restaurant doesn’t look like it from the entrance. This is the case with the temple club as well. I’ve never been here so it’s exciting to try it out. The entrance is small and looks like an entrance to a temple. There are statue on both sides of the way. The restaurant is on 2nd floor, we went up through a stone stairway. This place is famous because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had dinner there on their visit in 2006.


Once you are inside the restaurant, you can tell that this is a high-end Vietnamese Restaurant. Expect high price on menu 😉


We had lunch there because it is near from my husband’s office, so it’s very convenient for us and our guest. It’s a very cozy and relax restaurant. Quiet, not too noisy. We ordered several dishes and shared it.

Vietnamese Spring Roll Temple Club

Cha Gio / Fried Spring Roll

Their cha gio / fried spring roll is actually pretty good. But it was not special and the size was small. Eat it with the sauce. Yummy.

5 spices pork with rice noodle temple club

5 spices pork with rice noodle

This pork is very tasty. I like this one the best than other dishes we ordered. It has a similar feeling of eating pork satay, only without stick 😀 Very recommended to try.

Sauteed Chicken in Tamarind Temple Club
Cha Gio / Fried Spring Roll

Do not order this one. Well I’m not recommend it, but if you would like to try then it’s okay. For me, the taste was bland. Couldn’t enjoyed this one.

In conclusion from several dishes we ordered, this place is good for meeting up with people, but the food is so-so and the price is really high. I’m not sure if I will go there again anytime soon. Maybe if I have a visitor who wants to experience what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had experienced there 😉

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