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Fashion Coloring Book by Kang Min-Jee

For you fashion lover, I would recommend this coloring book. I found this book accidentally when I was buying other book for my friend. One of my cousin loves fashion, and she was looking for coloring book. So I figured she might like this one 😉


The author is a Korean. I saw many coloring books here are from Korean author. They have pretty good pictures and design, and cheaper compared to Secret Garden series. Although for my personal collection I prefer Johanna Basford books.

I took some pictures at random from this book, as you can see below.







She uses many designs from branded fashion. So if you are a fashion lover, hold your drool and get it at nearby bookstore 😀 I saw this book to several people and most of them want it. As for me, I’m more interested in flowers, leaves, and animals. This is not my thing lol.

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