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Money Changer for Indonesian Rupiah

“There are many money exchange bureau in Ho Chi Minh City. It won’t be hard to find one which accept Indonesian Rupiah.” That was my thought before I got turned down by 3 money changer! None of them accept Indonesian Rupiah. I went to Vietcombank, Eximbank, and Money Changer in Central Post Office.

It’s not me who needed to exchange it. I have visitors who wanted to exchange some Indonesian Rupiah. We almost gave up when we found this place. We were walking around Ho Chi Minh Square, and we saw a money exchange next to tourist center. We tried for last time. Luckily they accept Indonesian Rupiah! The rate was low but at least they could exchanged it to some Vietnamese Dong.



I took this namecard in case someone need to exchange money.

For the record, please be aware that I’m just giving information that this money changer accept Indonesian Rupiah. I don’t know how good is their rate for other currencies.

My suggestion if you want to visit Vietnam is bring your money in US dollar. By doing that, you will have no problem to exchange your money to Vietnamese dong and even get a better rate than if you exchange it in your country.

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