HaiKu by Nancy Pena

I want to share about this adult coloring book. I got this as present and it’s really good! To be honest at first I didn’t think this book is good for me, as I can’t use coloring pencils to make shading and all. But when I looked at the pictures inside, it’s actually awesome. It has different style than other adult coloring book. This one has more of classic japanese / chinese painting style.

Cover HaiKu

I took some pictures from the book as you can see below (please click on the image to see clearly) :

What do you think? I bet you’re agree with me! 😀

I tried coloring its cover page with coloring pencils, and  here is the result :

Cover page colored

I’m very happy with the result! It looks like painting (although I don’t know if I can do good on other pictures lol). Want it? Hurry up and go to nearby bookstore 😉 For those who lives in Vietnam, you can try PNG bookstore (the one in Vincom mall), but I can’t guarantee you will get it =/ Hope you find it!

Ciao~ Thanks for reading my post!

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