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Quyen ky mi gia

If you like Chinese-style noodle, you will like this restaurant. I knew this restaurant from my husband, who happened to know this place from his colleagues. It’s located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, at 47 Bui Bang Doan St, Tan Phong Ward. They have a website too! From their website, I found out about their other branch as well. Turned out they have branch in District 1 as well … We don’t need to go to District 7 after all!

Anyway..on this post I will write about the on District 7.

Quyen Ky Mi Gia

Their place is quite big. It has a semi-outdoor seating and indoor seating.


And below is their menu. All in Vietnamese!

Quyen Ky Mi Gia Menu
Quyen Ky Mi Gia Menu

I ordered Mi Kho Xa Xiu Hoanh Thanh (Dry Noodle with wonton and charsiu). I only know that Mi Kho means Dry Noodle, and Hoanh Thanh means wonton. Yum! I like wonton.

Chili and pickles

This chili is not too spicy, I still can handle it. But the pickles.. I gave up eating it. Too spicy for me >__<

Soda chanh ( Lemon Soda )

This is the first time I get soda chanh which I need to mix it myself! Interesting though, because I can make it match my taste.

Mi Kho Xa Xiu Hoanh Thanh

This is it! The noodle. It came with a somekind of shrimp cracker. Looks yummy eh? I like small noddle! It was delicious as well. I don’t like the charsiu though. And that shrimp cracker tasted bland, and some parts were hard to bite.

Hoanh Thanh (Wonton)

I love their wonton! It came in small pot. The soup was not my taste though, because it’s a bit sweet.But the wonton.. yummy!

Their price is a bit high than other noodle place, but once in a while won’t hurt. I definitely come back for their noodle and wonton. So next time I will order Mi Kho Hoanh Thanh! It’s not in their menu tho, but maybe they can make the dry version of Mi Hoanh Thanh.



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