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Shopping for Shoe in Benh Thanh Market

My friend wanted to buy some pairs of sport shoes in Benh Thanh Market. She said it’s a lot cheaper than in store or in Germany. Of course it is! Because many of them are counterfeit. She said she bought it last year and it is still in good condition, so some of friends and family wanted them as well. I went there with her since I also need a pair of shoes for morning walk. To buy a real Nike shoes just for the walk is a bit over the top for me. So.. I thought fake one will do.

We stopped in front of Benh Thanh market and walked through the shoes street. It’s not inside the market but opposite of it, at Luu Van Lang street. There are several shoes stores there. We went it to the first store we saw and take a look. They have a lot of shoes! I only take picture of shoes I targeted though.


Color option for woman for this model.


I like that blue-green shoes in the middle, but they don’t have the size for woman. The seller said it’s for man 😦


Tadaa! This is the one I bought. Paid for 700k vnd. How is it? 😀 I tried it already and it’s really comfortable. Very light-weighted and soft inside. I wondered if it’s a counterfeit shoes or an export left-over.

This store has fixed price, we can’t bargain. Their sport shoes range from 600k to 800k (if I remember correctly). My friend bought hers last year for 800k vnd at different store, so this one is already cheaper. We didn’t check other store. When I told my friends in Indonesia, they all said it was too expensive for counterfeit shoes 😦


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