Ru Restaurant – First Try

Update 7 March 2018: This restaurant is permanently closed. 

I wonder why I’ve never heard about this restaurant before. In Tripadvisor, it has higher rank than cuc gach quan! I’m guessing there was some changes in this restaurant that made it more famous now. This restaurant is like a hidden gem. Located in small street and on 2nd floor of diet center (Yea i know, they are tricky right?! Make you eat a lot and feel guilty then you will join their slimming program xD ). Their address is 27E Trần Nhật Duật, Tân Định, Hồ Chí Minh. Open from 10 am to 10 pm everyday.

Their main dishes are Vietnamese food. I heard their com tam (broken rice) with grilled pork is good, so I ordered that. While my husband ordered their lunch set. As you can see below, they have 6 sets for lunch, for 99k vnd (including vat). It consists of appetizer, main dish and drink. Quite a bargain! (Update : Last time I went there, they changed the lunch set menu. It only has Set 1, 3, 4 and Veg Set)

Lunch Set Menu @ Ru Restaurant

The first dish has come!

Deep Fried Spring Rolls

This spring rolls are awesome! Really really good! Crispy but not overcooked, and it tasted really yummy (yes it made me smile!). Must order this one again next time, but not from lunch set because it’s only 2 pcs 😦 I want moreee~!

Sauteed Pho Noodle with Australian Beef

For this menu, the waitress asked if we want normal noodle or dry noodle. Since we saw a review about crispy noodle being recommended, we ordered with crispy noodle. I love this dish as well. The veggies are nicely cooked. The beef were juicy and seasoned perfectly. When you eat it all together (crispy noodle + beef + veggies), it’s really delicious. Yum~!

Broken Rice with BBQ Pork

This one is my favorite. Well-cooked broken rice, and that BBQ pork… tastes like heaven! I can easily cut it, and very juicy. It almost melt in my mouth. The side veggies was not my favorite.

It is a really nice place to have lunch or dinner. You should try it. I definitely will come back!

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