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Nutri-plus gel – Supplement for dogs

Having a sick dog is really a nightmare for dog owner. They don’t want to eat anything, just laying down, don’t want to play. I had that experience as well. When I told my friend that my dog was hardly eat anything, she recommended a supplement which can replace food for sick dog. It’s called Nutri-plus gel.

There are several pet shop in Ho Chi Minh City but I don’t know which one has this supplement. I tried the one in cach mang thang street, Pet Center. I remembered last time my friend bought a medicated shampoo for dogs with skin problem, so I thought they might have it. And they do! I bought one for 180k vnd I think, can’t remember, but it’s not expensive.


Apparently this supplement is good for healthy dog as well. Of course with different dosage. My dog loves it! She always get excited whenever I hold this tube 😀

Later on I found out that Saigon Pet Clinic also sell it. . . I went there everyday for dogwalking and I went farther away to other pet shop! So guys, if you wanna buy something, check on nearby pet shop first.

Anyway, I really recommend this supplement to dog owner. But not all dogs want to eat it though. Some dogs need to be forced to take it.

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