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Buying camera or lens in Singapore

When I told my friend that I want to buy a lens (or camera) in Singapore, some of them asked me why. Why didn’t I just buy it here in Vietnam?! The first reason was I couldn’t communicate with the seller here. Maybe they can speak English though, but most of them no.  The second reason was I was not sure with the product authenticity in Vietnam. So I decided to buy it when I visited Singapore.

I bought a camera before there in one of the store in Funan Digitalife Mall. It’s called Click! Camera. I found it online and I followed a suggestion given by people, that said I need to send email first and ask for quotation. This was to prevent from being cheated by the shopkeeper. Many cases happened in Singapore on which people got cheated by given a higher price than it should be. So, it is better to email them first and get a quotation from shop owner. Then when you come to the shop, you can show them the price you got. It’s much safer. There were several shops that I found, but the one who was really helpful was from Click! Camera.

This time I wanted to buy a fixed lens for my camera. I sent email to them and asked for specific model, then they replied with the price and availability. Too bad the lens I want was sold out 😦 I did some research again to find the replacement for that lens, and I got it. It’s a 50 mm lens, and it was not expensive as well. They have 2 stores, and they let me know the stock on each store for that lens.

I went there with my friend, to the one at Orchard Road (Centrepoint). They have different name for the shop! I was hesitating until I asked the shopkeeper and she said it’s the same store. She helped me find the lens I want (the one that I had already given the price). I saw the price was SGD $450. The quotation I got was SGD $295. I didn’t say anything about the price at first. I wanted to know how much discount she can give me. She checked on the computer and gave me the discounted price which was still higher than the quotation. So I told her that I got the price from owner, and she didn’t say anything.

I also bought the filter, for SGD $29. Not that bad compared to the protection it gives to my lens 😀 And this is it! I have a new lens for my camera 😀 It’s a pity the color is silver.. I wanted the black one.


For those who want to buy camera or lens in Singapore, you can contact Click! Camera info@clickcameras.com.sg

Tel:+65 6226 7226     

Fax:+65 6226 7077


109 North Bridge Road, #04-15, Funan Digitalife Mall, Singapore 179097

176 Orchard Road, #03-10, Centrepoint, Singapore 238843

Hope this helps!


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