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How to extend Indonesian passport in Ho Chi Minh City

My passport is expiring on October, which mean I can’t go there anywhere within this month until I renew it. I contacted Indonesian Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City at number +84838251888 and chose consular department. He was really nice and mentioning all the requirement to extend / renew my passport.These are the requirements :

  • 2 pcs 3 x 4 cm photos with red background (on file and printed)
  • old passport
  • residence card
  • filling the provided form (I got it when I went there).

Their opening hours is 9 AM – 12 PM and 2 PM – 4 PM, close on Saturday and Sunday. I went there and gave them everything but I forgot my photos (printed one)! I was already thinking they would send me back because of that, but they didn’t! They gave me the form and I need to fill it there and return to them. After that they gave me a receipt and a note that I need to bring my photos when the new passport is done.

I went there on Friday around 3.00 pm. Got a call from someone in consulate on Monday saying that he will process my passport. I asked him how long will it take to process it, but they didn’t give a clear answer. He only said that he will call me when the passport done. Okay then I just need to wait..

The next day, I got another call from him and he told me the passport is done! Whaaaatt? So fast! He told me to bring money to pay. It was USD $22. I asked him if I can pay in Vietnamese Dong, but he said I can’t 😦 So prepare money in USD for this.

And.. that’s it! It was very quick. They did a great job as Indonesian Consulate. Very helpful and no unofficial charge.

Hope this helps!


9 Nov 2016 : They only have stock of 24-pages passport now. And they only charged my husband for USD $7!! Why so much different than me?!

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