Natural or Made – That is the question

Details is the theme for weekly photo challenge on WordPress this week. I never knew about this challenge before until I stumbled upon a post in one of WordPress blog. It is an interesting one, so I decided to enter the challenge.


I don’t have a macro lens so this is the closest I could get with my camera. I used Sony A6000 with standard lens. This is my close up photograph of my dog’s hair. She has this crimped hair which makes her looks cute (Ahem..). Many people thought I brought her to pet salon to make her hair like this. They are wrong! This hair is her natural hair. (And of course, people didn’t believe me when I said so..). They often made joke that I did it in secret and said it is natural 😀 Possible.. but for some friends who know me, they would laugh if they heard it. I never done anything to my own hair, let alone doing cute stuff to my dog’s hair lol

So, the answer is Natural. She is a natural beauty (my dog, of course) 😀



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