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Lucky, the amazing girl

_DSC7455 (2)

Last Saturday I went to morning walk with A.R.C (Animal Rescue and Care) as usual. The difference was I brought my camera to take the pictures of dogs on the walk. I got some nice pictures that morning. On top of that, I luckily got this picture of Lucky, the rescued dog. She was stretching and yawning lol. I was so happy because I needed a good picture of her to make a post about 1 year she’s been with A.R.C., and I got this picture! Thank you Lucky for making my day.

I posted this picture along with the old pic of her from 1 year ago, and it got unbelievable responds from people. She is living happily now. She even gained some weight! Hopefully we find someone suitable for her to adopt her. She is ready for a home now!

Cherry On Top

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