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Selena – Portable Dog Mattress

I went to several pet shops in Saigon last week, to accompany my friend who was looking for a muzzle protection and new leash for her dog. On last shop, which was Dog Paradise, I saw this portable dog mattress. It has a colorful stripe pattern, and it’s not expensive. It was 95k vnd. I wasn’t sure if my dog would love it or not. She has paw bed (a bed with shape of paw, round and fluffy), but she rarely used it.


This is the form if I fold it. Light weight and easy to carry. But I guess can’t bring it on the dog walk though..


I put it on the floor and she slept on it! Yay she likes it. It’s not that thick but comfortable enough compare to the floor. It still better than the blanket. More like soft bed for dog. The downside is the material, 100% Polyester. Which means she won’t stay on top of it for long since it would be too hot for her in this weather. Floor (especially bathroom floor) will still be her favorite.


She did found a different way to use it though. Half and half method! Half body on top of mattress, half on the floor. Clever girl.

This mattress is made in Vietnam, so that’s why it’s not expensive. It is washable as well (hand wash), but no tumble dry, no bleaching (doh!), no softener and no ironing. Okay, so I can use washing machine with hand-wash setting then 😀


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