Ho Chi Minh City

Hakataya Fukurou

I’ve walked pass by this restaurant several times but never interested to try since they look like a fusion restaurant. And maybe their ramen is not as authentic as Ramen Danbo. We passed by this place on the way to Ramen Danbo actually. I read about this japanese restaurant in one of facebook group one day, and there were several people really like the ramen especially their gyoza. This ramen place was mentioned when someone asked about place that sell red hot spicy ramen. It is one of their specialty apparently.

20170307_124308.jpgI saw their menu on google and found a non-spicy ramen,  tonkotsu ramen. Okay! Decided to try out this place. Their place is not big but feels authentic. The only area I dont like is their kitchen area. A bit messy for a Japanese ramen place. 


The menu are in Japanese and in English. The waiter also speak English so don’t worry about ordering here. I ordered a single tonkotsu ramen at first. But the waiter told me that it will come with rice and 3 pieces of gyoza, with same price! Wow what a deal. 100k vnd for a lunch set menu. Not bad eh?


While waiting for food, I looked around me. There were 3 other guy in the room. All sat in different table. Busy with their own gadget. Me too though.. I was alone. And the only woman in the room..


The food came and I was amazed. Big portion of ramen plus steamed rice plus 3 piece of gyoza! All for 100k vnd. Good value for money. Then it was time to try the food.


The ramen used a yellow noodle. Curly one. Almost looked like egg noodle but not.There were a lot of beansprout in it. I’m not a fan of beansprout (except the one cooked with chili and sesame oil..), so I had to remove them somewhere. The soup was good. Too much fat on the surface tho. Might turned off the appetite of some people. The pork is awesome. It is different than other ramen place. This pork was marinated really well and also cooked well. The egg was not as I imagined, but the taste was very delicious! It was not just a plain boiled egg. 

Then I tried the gyoza. It is oishi! Yummy. No wonder someone said something about the gyoza here. The composition between meat and vegetable inside it was perfect. I recommend their gyoza. 

I wonder why no other woman eats there. Maybe it is considered not healthy so most women don’t want to eat it. But what amazed me that day (while looking at the other customers) was I finished them all! Very full though.. 

Overall it is an okay ramen place. Go for their gyoza if you want. One of a good gyoza in Saigon I think. 

Thank you for reading my review. This is not a sponsored post. 



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