How to activate your internet on Lycamobile

On my recent trip to London, I bought Lycamobile simcard for my internet source. Using a roaming service is out of option! Better buy a local simcard. As I mentioned on my previous post, I bought the simcard from Tesco Express. It is a prepaid simcard. Then I also bought voucher to top it up.

According to the shopkeeper, I needed to register it first then add balance, and after that I can activate the internet package. I went back to my hotel right after buying it, to get wifi connection. I went to, and searched for internet package and how to register the card.

Lyca register
Lycamobile registration

To be honest I completely forgot about registering, and went straight to internet package haha. There are many packages to choose from. I had £20, so I wanted a package below that number.

Lyca bundle

Lycamobile Bundles

Among these options, I picked UK Plan Mega at first, because in theory I would have had enough balance to activate this. But it didn’t work out. It said I don’t have enough balance and need to top up. Weird, but I thought maybe they need a spare balance after paying for the package. So I tried UK Plan Super afterward. £15 for 30 days and 4GB+1GB data. It’s more than enough for me. If you want more data, then buy more on top up. But personally I don’t think it’s necessary. They have wifi almost on every restaurant, and pretty sure your hotel will have it too. All of them are using 4G internet already.

Internet speed in London

My hotel has an outstanding internet speed! I think this is normal for London. Which means other places also have the similar speed. You only need your internet to find your way around in the city. Or to find where to eat nearby. Or if you are an Instagram junkie who likes to post every moment on Instagram 😀 Even that won’t need more than 4GB per month.

Back to Lycamobile bundle. If you already have the simcard with balance (like me), click on ‘More’. If you don’t have any simcard yet, then you can click on ‘New Customer’ or ‘Existing Customer’. They will send the simcard to your address if you buy with this option. If you buy a new sim with plan online, you can get special offer as well (when available). For example, on my trip if I bought it online I could get UK Plan Ultra for only £ 12, instead of normal price £ 25.

When you clicked ‘More’, it will show you the number to dial. Then you just follow the instructions on the screen. Or you can also send a message with code.

Lyca more
How to activate the package that you want

And within seconds, it is activated! You are connected to the world again (apart from wifi of course). If your phone supported 4G internet then you can access even more speedy internet. Just beware that it will drain your phone battery. Prepare your powerbank as well 😀

Enjoy your stay in London. It is okay to stay connected while you’re on the way but remember to look around. You are on holiday anyway! Enjoy the city.




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