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Happy Kepiween! – Best Halloween Shop in Saigon

Here we are in another October, the month for Halloween. There are many Halloween events will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, which means you need a costume for that! In some residential compound, they also have their own Halloween celebration, which means you need a decoration and also costume. Even last year I joined the Halloween walk with the animal rescue group here. Although I didn’t wear anything special because I don’t have any! So for this year, I was thinking where to buy costumes or accessories for Halloween?

Entrance to Kepi Halloween special section

Luckily, I found out about the new section inside Kepi in Thao Dien, District 2. Kepi has been selling Halloween decoration, accessories, costumes, etc from year to year. So, what’s new you asked. It is much bigger and complete collection with a lot of new stuff! I went there today and asked permission to take some photos. They really have a lot of Halloween stuff, from the scary items to cute items. I’m not a fan of scary thing but this time I must say it’s very impressive.

They have some man-size puppets equipped with a motion sensor. So whenever someone walks past it, it will move (and even talk)! Really cool. I was surprised by them at first when I tried to take some photos though. There are some hanging decorations as well. Masks, paints, costumes, clown wigs, scary ornaments, and much more. I didn’t find costume for adult, but they do have some capes and hats. There are also some glow-in-the-dark kinds of stuff.


They haven’t finished displaying all of their items yet when I was there so I couldn’t take pictures of all the items. But hey, I think I will be more fun to visit the store and see it for yourself. I can say this is the best Halloween store in Saigon! Better visit them and get some cool (and scary) items. I will go back there to buy something for me. Have a Halloween event coming up as well.

So, who are you gonna be this Halloween?

Trick or treat! Happy Halloween 🙂


Kepi Address: 63 Thao Dien street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

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