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Salon de Sunny – Korean Hairdresser in Ho Chi Minh City

I think I have found my favorite hair salon in Saigon! Salon de Sunny in District 3. I knew this salon from FB group Female Expats when someone posted about how her damaged hair was restored by Sunny, owner and hairdresser of this salon, who is a Korean. Japanese or Korean hairdresser is always on my top list for a hair salon since several years ago, especially after coming back from living in the Netherlands.

My previous hairdresser was the one recommended by expats in Saigon. They are located in District 2 and very expensive. Last experience with them was not pleasant for me so I’ve been wanting a new hair salon as well. So when I saw that post about Salon de Sunny, I was so excited and decided to check them out.


They were just opened recently, around August 2017 if I’m not mistaken. The staffs and Sunny herself are very friendly and helpful to the customer. I did my hair perm there and she also gave me tips on how to maintain the perm. She knows the condition of my hair and therefore forbids me from coloring my hair right after perming.

I came back couple days ago to do hair treatment. She checked my hair first then decided which treatment to give. I had a very good time there, especially the head massage. The guy who did the head massage is really good at his job. Simply the best head massage I’ve ever had.

Sunny, the owner and hairdresser, is a Korean but she speaks English very well, so you don’t have to worry about having a hard time to communicate and explain what you want. She also hired a Vietnamese hairdresser to help with local customers who have a limited English.

They offer various services, such as female and male haircut, hair coloring (highlight/lowlight, all over color, with or without bleach), hair perm/straightening, and hair treatment (milbon product and olaplex product). Their price is very affordable. So I recommend this salon to my friends as well. Noone visited it yet though lol, because most of my friends live in District 2 😦

Address : 5A Ky Dong, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City



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