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Chicken Wings @ B-Dubs Ho Chi Minh City

B-Dubs is one of the sports bars that is located at Thao Dien street. I’ve always wanted to try their chicken wings because I heard they are really good. Today is finally the day! I went there with my friends, unplanned.

I ordered chicken wings snack portion (5 pcs) but I didn’t know which flavour should I get. They have A LOT of many flavours from sauce-based to dry one, from mild to very spicy. I didn’t want spicy chicken wings, that’s for sure. So I asked the waitress her recommendation. She suggested Buffalo from the dry version. I ordered that.

It came with veggies and an option of blue cheese dip or ranch dressing. I chose blue cheese. After a while, they came out. I couldn’t wait to dig in, so I did.

It was a right decision! It was salty chicken wings and a little bit spicy. I’m not a fan of sweet food. The meat was tender and it’s just made me want more and more! Dangerous…

I will come back and try their other flavour, for sure!

Buffalo Chicken Wings @ B-Dubs Thao Dien


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