Cathedral of The Good Shepherd Singapore

The good thing about having someone visiting is that I can go to places and act like tourist 😂 Last night, I met an old friend together with another friend. We walked around from Bugis Junction to Chijmes and lastly to Cathedral of The Good Shepherd.

I’ve never been there at night (well, technically I did but only to attend an evening mass and not strolling around). When we passed by a sculpture of the cross with amazing lighting that creates a shadow behind it, I couldn’t resist to take a photo of it.

After snapping a few photos and satisfied with the result, we continued walking to the main entrance. Unfortunately, it was closed already. But! We saw the side door was opened so we entered the main building of the cathedral. When I was about to take photos, a security guard came and asked us to leave because they closed already. It was 10.00PM when we entered. I asked for his permission to take 1 photo. Just 1 photo will do! He was kind and let me did it. Happy me~ He also told us to come again when they are open.

So if you want to visit this cathedral, make sure to check on their opening hours 😁

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Address : A Queen Street, Singapore 188533

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