About Tastymonial

Hi there! Welcome to Tastymonial. Here you can find stories, reviews, sharing about foods, places, travel, and life experience. I really like these stuff, so hopefully, I can help someone by sharing what I know or experience.

My name is Melissa. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia, and currently living in Singapore. I decided to start this blog as my diary when I was living in Ho Chi Minh City. I have many pictures and stories before, but they are all in my personal facebook account. If only I started from 2010, maybe I’ve already shared many things with u 😦 That’s why to reach more people, I will start posting here.

If you have any suggestion please do not hesitate to email me at melstastymonial@gmail.com. Thank you for stopping by at my blog 🙂


Disclaimer : everything I posted here is based on my personal opinion.

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