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Art Supplies Store in Saigon

Are you a foreigner and having trouble in finding art or craft stuff here? I was too! I like coloring and was having trouble to find some stuff because I don’t know where to get them and language barrier is real. After a few searching on google and asking my friends, I found some good… Continue reading Art Supplies Store in Saigon

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Wish – Jewelry Shop

Did you notice a new jewelry shop in Thao Dien, District 2? It’s called Wish (or in Vietnamese cua hang muon). I went there to visit my friend (the owner) and ended up buying something for myself.. I just couldn’t resisted it! The shop has several section, each with different designer style and material as… Continue reading Wish – Jewelry Shop

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Bed & Pet First – New Pet Daycare in Saigon

Bed & Pet First is the new pet center and care in District 2. I kinda like their name, catchy and funny (although for some people it sounds lame, Bed & Breakfast, Bed & Pet First lol). I found out about this place from my friend. They haven’t done anything special to promote the place.… Continue reading Bed & Pet First – New Pet Daycare in Saigon

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Buying camera or lens in Singapore

When I told my friend that I want to buy a lens (or camera) in Singapore, some of them asked me why. Why didn’t I just buy it here in Vietnam?! The first reason was I couldn’t communicate with the seller here. Maybe they can speak English though, but most of them no. ┬áThe second… Continue reading Buying camera or lens in Singapore

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Nutri-plus gel – Supplement for dogs

Having a sick dog is really a nightmare for dog owner. They don’t want to eat anything, just laying down, don’t want to play. I had that experience as well. When I told my friend that my dog was hardly eat anything, she recommended a supplement which can replace food for sick dog. It’s called… Continue reading Nutri-plus gel – Supplement for dogs