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Ricky – An Adoption Story

8 September 2017 is an important date for me and my friends because Ricky got adopted and had to fly to Canada! There was a couple who adopted a dog from ARC last year, Bi is his name, and they live in Victoria, Canada. Bi was Ricky’s best friend. When they told us that they would take Ricky as well, we were super excited and happy. Ricky has been in the shelter for almost 3 years. He is a calm dog and well-behaved. He really deserves this happy life.

Saigon Pet Clinic helped us with their pet relocation service. They have been doing this for a while so they know exactly how it works. All the documents are prepared by them. We also found a flight volunteer to bring Ricky to Vancouver. The couple will pick him up at Vancouver and bring him to Victoria by boat. It is much cheaper to send an animal with someone compare to with cargo (alone). For cargo shipping, it can cost around USD$3000! While if the pet flies with a person, we only need to pay for excess baggage, around USD$250 to USD$300, depends on which airline.

Our flight volunteer flew with Eva Air. I heard Eva Air is good for traveling with pets. Another airline that I know pet-friendly is China Airlines and Air France. We’ve sent dogs overseas with them before and they were helpful.

On the day of departure, after the morning walk we put Ricky in his crate to make him used to it. He was quite obedient to go inside the crate. After a while, we took him out again back to kennel to meet his friends one last time before leaving, while me and my friend went for a quick lunch. We need to be at the clinic at 12 pm to pick him up.

At 12 pm, we came back to Saigon Pet Clinic and did last preparation. My friend gave Ricky a medicine to calm him down so he will be less stress on the way. They already gave it to him since 2 days before departure. She put the medicine inside chicken meat and Ricky ate it happily. After that we asked him to go inside the crate. He was a bit nervous at first but after a while he was more relaxed.

We went to the airport with my car. One of Saigon Pet Clinic’s staff took the ride with us. Ricky sat in his crate quietly. Once in a while, I checked on him to see how he is doing. He was quite calm and didn’t panic at all.

Around 12.35 pm we arrived at departure gate, and we met the flight volunteer there. We put the crate on a trolley and pushed it through the security. My friend brought her passport with her, while me just following her behind. Apparently, if you are Vietnamese you can’t go in into check-in gate if you don’t have flight ticket. While foreigner can go in easily after showing her passport. Vietnamese needs special permit if they want to go in without flight ticket. That’s what I see though, not sure how the procedure really is.

The staff who joined us on the ride couldn’t go in with us. He only told us what to do and whom to meet. Another SPC staff was already waiting inside at counter K, so we had to meet him at that check-in counter. The check-in process is the same as baggage. They weighted the crate with Ricky inside. Then they issued a sticker for luggage tag and attached it on the crate.

After finished check-in, my friend went to payment counter to pay for the flight ticket for Ricky. Then they told us that someone will pick up the crate. We waited for a few minutes, while me busy taking photos of Ricky and communicating with him to see how he’s doing. He looked relax and calm which is good.

A person in uniform approached us then grabbed the trolley handle and push it through a room. It’s said “excess baggage”. We all went in and there is a scanner there. Ricky needs to be out of the crate first before they can scan on his crate. Last chance to touch him!! That guy asked us to put Ricky back in the crate after he finished. Then he sealed the door to make sure it won’t easily open on the way. Very professional! The staff of SPC prepared the seal though. Then after finished, he told us that he will leave Ricky in that room first because it is very hot on the outside. When it is time to board the plane, then he will bring him in. Very nice guy! It’s nice to know someone who cares about animals is working at the airport!

Good bye, Ricky! Have a good life in Victoria. You are one of the lucky dogs in our shelter!

I’m very thankful for this experience. A chance to know a shy dog like you and how to deal with you. A chance to learn about how to ship a dog overseas (although I’m not sure about the procedure to enter each country for a dog lol. But at least I know I can rely on Saigon Pet Clinic for their pet relocation service!).

And these are photos from his new home!

Thank you for reading. Ciao!

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Selena – Portable Dog Mattress

I went to several pet shops in Saigon last week, to accompany my friend who was looking for a muzzle protection and new leash for her dog. On last shop, which was Dog Paradise, I saw this portable dog mattress. It has a colorful stripe pattern, and it’s not expensive. It was 95k vnd. I wasn’t sure if my dog would love it or not. She has paw bed (a bed with shape of paw, round and fluffy), but she rarely used it.


This is the form if I fold it. Light weight and easy to carry. But I guess can’t bring it on the dog walk though..


I put it on the floor and she slept on it! Yay she likes it. It’s not that thick but comfortable enough compare to the floor. It still better than the blanket. More like soft bed for dog. The downside is the material, 100% Polyester. Which means she won’t stay on top of it for long since it would be too hot for her in this weather. Floor (especially bathroom floor) will still be her favorite.


She did found a different way to use it though. Half and half method! Half body on top of mattress, half on the floor. Clever girl.

This mattress is made in Vietnam, so that’s why it’s not expensive. It is washable as well (hand wash), but no tumble dry, no bleaching (doh!), no softener and no ironing. Okay, so I can use washing machine with hand-wash setting then ๐Ÿ˜€


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Lucky, the amazing girl

_DSC7455 (2)

Last Saturday I went to morning walk with A.R.C (Animal Rescue and Care) as usual. The difference was I brought my camera to take the pictures of dogs on the walk. I got some nice pictures that morning. On top of that, I luckily got this picture of Lucky, the rescued dog. She was stretching and yawning lol. I was so happy because I needed a good picture of her to make a post about 1 year she’s been with A.R.C., and I got this picture! Thank you Lucky for making my day.

I posted this picture along with the old pic of her from 1 year ago, and it got unbelievable responds from people. She is living happily now. She even gained some weight! Hopefully we find someone suitable for her to adopt her. She is ready for a home now!

Cherry On Top


Natural or Made – That is the question

Detailsย is the theme for weekly photo challenge on WordPress this week. I never knew about this challenge before until I stumbled upon a post in one of WordPress blog. It is an interesting one, so I decided to enter the challenge.


I don’t have a macro lens so this is the closest I could get with my camera. I used Sony A6000 with standard lens. This is my close up photograph of my dog’s hair. She has this crimped hair which makes her looks cute (Ahem..). Many people thought I brought her to pet salon to make her hair like this. They are wrong! This hair is her natural hair. (And of course, people didn’t believe me when I said so..). They often made joke that I did it in secret and said it is natural ๐Ÿ˜€ Possible.. but for some friends who know me, they would laugh if they heard it. I never done anything to my own hair, let alone doing cute stuff to my dog’s hair lol

So, the answer is Natural. She is a natural beauty (my dog, of course) ๐Ÿ˜€



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Bed & Pet First – New Pet Daycare in Saigon

Bed & Pet First is the new pet center and care in District 2. I kinda like their name, catchy and funny (although for some people it sounds lame, Bed & Breakfast, Bed & Pet First lol). I found out about this place from my friend. They haven’t done anything special to promote the place. They were opened on May 28th, soft opening.


I went there with my friend and our dogs to try out the cafe. They have many different service there, I will list it here. Their cafe only sells drinks, and too bad there are not many options for the drink. They should improve on that. I ordered Vietnamese Ice Coffee with milk. It was good! A bit sweet but I like it. The staffs are very nice and friendly, also a dog lover. Too bad their english is lacking and need improvement.


I took the chance to look around the building and visited all the rooms. The first one I visited was the shop. This shop is small but has many items. Not many dog toys tho. The most interesting part was dog sofa! They have options for fabric and model as well. Time to spare some money for dog sofa?? hmm.. And there’s small cowboy hat. Very cute! I was so tempted to buy it. They said they have boats and rain coats too, but I missed it.

The next room I checked was Self Bathing room. You can use this room for only 99k vnd to bath your pet. They provide everything, even an apron for u! Neat huh?

Massage room and photo room are in 1 room. It’s funny to see the small bed for dog massage and they are separated with curtain! I wonder if my dog would love the massage or not.. She hates other people touching her body. They also have bathtub massage (massage in the water!).ย For pet photo, we need to make appointment before hand. The photographer (who is from Malaysia, according to the staff) doesn’t stay there all the time.

They have grooming room as well, but for now they only do nail cut. The other grooming service will be available in August.

The roof top area is the boarding room. I couldn’t go inside because there was a customer dog staying there. Fair enough. They have several types of room, from standard to VIP.

It looks promising to me, hopefully they can maintain everything in good shape until later on. For more information, you can go to their website, or visit their facebook page.