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Alice in Wonderland Exhibition at ArtScience Museum Singapore

I saw a post on facebook by a friend where she posed as Alice in Wonderland a couple of months ago. She told me about the Wonderland Exhibition at ArtScience Museum and I’ve been so excited to see it since then. However, I need to go there with someone so we can help taking photo of one another so I’ve been postponing it. The exhibition will last until 22 September 2019 so I thought I still have time to go.

Yesterday was the time! I went there with a friend. The queue for buying ticket from counter was so long! Luckily, they also provide machines to buy a ticket from there so we did that. Since we have a pass in Singapore, we get the price of Local Adult (S$3 discount! yay). But when I was checking the price online, I found out their price is cheaper by S$1 if you buy online.

Ticket price online fro Wonderland
Ticket price online for Wonderland

After buying the ticket, we proceed to the Entrance for Wonderland which located at the same floor as ticketing counter. The lady gave a map for everyone and told us that the waiting time will 10 minutes. Not bad. I got the map with Rabbit picture, while my friend got the Queen of Heart one. I knew from a friend that they supposed to have 4 maps, each of them represents different character and have different “mission” in every room. But when I was there, they only have 2 types of map 😦

When we entered the exhibition, they gathered us first and explain how important is the map to experience the magical and interactive Wonderland. The map for different characters are different shape but actually we are going at the same direction. The only difference will be the mission or riddle on each room.

Interactive map wonderland artscience museum
Put the map at designated slot and it will show you something!

There are 2 type of doors to enter from our gathering point. A normal door and a small door, both go to the same room. I took the small door for the experience ! Which door would you choose if you were there?

Entering wonderland through small door
Entering wonderland through a small door

Once we entered the room, we saw 3 doors. Which one to choose?! I decided to go through middle door and entered a mansion-like room. There are another doors again! But these doors are leading to a closed room so any door you take doesn’t matter. Then we went out from the first door (out of 3).

Last door (the most further from entrance) is to go to next attraction. Just follow the direction and see on your map of what should you do or find in that room. Enjoy the magical world of Alice!

There is one room where you can decorate your card (on your map) then scan it together with the photo of you taken in a box, and the result will show on the big screen. Queen’s soldier with your face and the body of card that you decorated! So cute and funny. I love this kind of activity and technology.

The Queen of Hearts soldiers in the making
Your face and the scanned map will appear on the screen and moving around

Next exhibition is the tea party with Mad Hatter. We need to queue to get in the room. Everything on the table can’t be touched, including the table itself. So watch out for your children (or your inner children spirit!). The items displayed are fragile. Once we entered the room, we can choose any seat we want and it’s limited to certain numbers only. The staff explained that we’re gonna experience a magical event of tea party in the forest as seen on the movie. Exciting~!

Overall, I love the exhibition (as a fan of Mad Hatter and Cheshire cat). It’s a good exhibition for every age! Hurry up if you’d like to visit them as they will be around until 22nd September only. Hope you enjoy the experience too!


A Drawing of Cheshire Cat
A Drawing of Cheshire Cat

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050 – Mural Wall

(To see my photos from previous days please visit my facebook page here. Thank you)

Today is day 50 of my photo challenge this year. I took this photo on Le Thanh Ton street. Was curious about it for a while since I saw it on pokemon Go as one of the pokestop. Apparently it is only a small street with 2 mural arts on it. One of it is this picture, and I think it is quite nice and unique.



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001 – Happy New Year

As the new year come, I started a photography project to improve my skill (I hope..). It’s a 365 photo challenge where I need to take photo (and post it) everyday. Let’s see how it goes but I want this to be a success project. I posted the pictures on my facebook page but I figured I need to do it here as well. So.. here is the first photo :


This photo was taken at one of the hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia on new year’s eve. They have a firework event and it was beautiful!


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Art Supplies Store in Saigon

Are you a foreigner and having trouble in finding art or craft stuff here? I was too! I like coloring and was having trouble to find some stuff because I don’t know where to get them and language barrier is real. After a few searching on google and asking my friends, I found some good places that sell art supplies. So I’m gonna list the stores I know and visited already.

  • Fahasa Bookstore &  Art Stores in Le Loi street

They have several branches in Saigon but I only visited 2 of them. The one in Nguyen Hue street is very big. That makes it harder to find something, at least for me. The other one I visited is in Le Loi street. This one is my favorite. The location is really nice and it is easy to find coloring book, pens, pencils, crayons, pastels, etc. Another plus thing about this Fahasa Le Loi branch is I can walk to its neighbors where they are mostly selling art stuff. Please be warned though that they can’t speak English and not as friendly. The most famous one is number 54 Le Loi street (but it also famous for its rudeness lol). I don’t take it personally when they do that. Not all of them are like that.

  • PNC Bookstore (Nha Sach Phuong Nam)

Soft Pastels

This store also have several branches, mostly inside a mall. I usually visited the one in vincom mall, but the small branch in thao dien D2 is better for coloring. They have more collection of coloring book for adult. And I found a cheap soft pastels as well, with good quality. It is located on 2nd floor of AnPhu Supermarket.

  • Taipoz

I found this place when I was searching on google about where to buy for art supplies. They have website  as well but everything is in Vietnamese and no option for English. Their location is a bit far from the center (150/7/2 Nguyễn Trãi, Q.1, TP.HCM) , but it’s worth the trip. They have MANY art supplies, and most of them are the best one in their job. They have faber castell polychromos, prismacolor, copic, water brush pentel, prismacolor blender and many more! I love this store. Not good for my wallet though…

  • Vinspace


Vinspace is an art gallery in D2 (6 Le Van Mien). My friend told me about this place. She said it is a gallery but they are selling stuff as well. I was looking for paper to print out a drawing to color. They also have watercolor paper. I bought the normal paper (Daler Rowney) A4 size 130 g/m2. It works really well to print a drawing then to color it.


  • Nguyen Dinh Chieu street

This one is a big discovery as well! The best shop there for me would be 134 Nguyen Dinh Chieu. They have vast range of items, including craft supplies. No artist pencil colored though, only marco, faber castell classic, stabilo, and caran. They also have a cheaper version of copic. I bought a pencil case, but it can only fit 36 pencils. Not bad though. After to finish shopping here, just continue with the street, they are all art supplies store. Last store I visited was 144 Nguyen Dinh Chieu. No more store beyond that one.

  • Art Friend

Derwent Inktense set of 12

Art Friend is an art supply store chain. They are also available in Singapore and Malaysia. This is the only store that I found derwent pencils. I bought Derwent Inktense in this store. They also have Derwent Studio. The shop is small but the stuff is a good one. They have copic pen as well. It is located at 24 Lê Thị Riêng, Bến Thành, Hồ Chí Minh. There is a banh mi shop next to it, and it is very good, especially for meat lovers.

Do you know any other art supplies store in Saigon? Please let me know in comment!