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Chi Hoa – Vietnamese Restaurant

Chi Hoa is a Vietnamese Restaurant at Le Thanh Ton street. From the outside it doesn’t look like restaurant. I can only see a bar and few tables. They ushered us to 3rd floor, where the main dining room is. There are about 10 tables in the room.

The staff were very friendly and helpful. We placed our order and wait for our dishes~

Fried tofu with chili and lemongrass (55K vnd)

The first that came was this tofu. Looks yummy right? But I don’t like it. The tofu was not special. Their spices were good though. For tofu, my heart is still with cuc gach quan (still the best tofu here).

Clams & water spinach soup (75K vnd)

The soup was good, even though I still prefer water spinach sauteed with garlic 😀

Crispy baby squid (155K vnd)

This one is a MUST TRY! They are not dry even tho the name is crispy. They cooked the squid really well! Still soft but cooked. Dip it in tamarind sauce that came with it, Yummy! You have to order this one if you visit Chi Hoa. Recommended, especially for squid lover.

Overall, the food was good but a bit expensive for Vietnamese food. It’s said that they don’t use MSG on their food, so it should be healthy enough.Worth to try though, maybe for special occasion 😉

They provide delivery service as well. Check out their contact here :

address : 31A Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

phone : 08.38273155

website :

opening hour : 7.00 am to 10.00 pm

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Galbi Brothers – Authentic Korean BBQ

If you are visiting District 7  Ho Chi Minh City and looking for a good meat restaurant, you have to try this Korean BBQ restaurant. I’ve been there 1 time (which was last year lol) and haven’t been there since. We tried it again because it was the first thing popped out on our mind when we planned to go to D7 yesterday. It is located near the sky garden, on R1-25 Hung Phuoc 4, Pham Van Nghi, D7.

We actually forgot how it tasted, was it good or was it bad. I didn’t recall any bad comment from myself last year so I assumed this place should be good. We arrived there and choose the indoor seating. I’m not a fan of being outdoor in humid weather with some BBQ grill. No thanks. The indoor seating on first floor was full. It has a traditional design, where everyone sit on the floor with short table and need to put off their shoes/sandals. All 4 tables are in 1 room.

We sat on 2nd floor where every table has their own partition and ordered 1 kalbi and 1 samgyeopsal (pork belly). I wanted to eat bibimbap but they don’t have the kind I wanted (I wanted bibimbap in hotstone), so we only ordered herbal rice to try it out.

Side dishes

One thing I like about Korean BBQ restaurant is their side dishes! And this one has so many. Salads, kimchi, hot soup, sweet potato, toppoki (rice cake), cap jae (stir fry glass noodle), steamed egg, tofu, and a basket of veggies to wrap the meat. They also provide cold water for us, refillable. You can order other drink but I stick to the free one 😀


Many BBQ restaurant are using electric or gas stove for the grill, but Galbi Brothers still using charcoal, which is a perfect medium to grill meat. I like BBQ with charcoal because they taste better and smells better as well!

Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal)

The first meat has come. Pork belly! And they were huge! I never had pork belly as thick as this one. The waitress helped us grilling the meat. We were worried it might not be cooked well because they were so thick, but she did a good job! The meat was well-cooked and it also delicious. Yum!

Galbi (Beef Ribs)

After she finished the pork belly, she changed the grill with this one. It’s unusual to see this on BBQ restaurant, because usually they just use the same grill for different meat. She put a little bit of water at the side of charcoal pot and put this grill for beef. This ribs was also thick, but then we were worried it might be overcooked because the waitress also attending another table and cooked for them. We like medium-cooked beef so yea we were unsure with the way she cooked it for us. But it turned out she really knows what she’s doing! She made the meat medium cooked, still juicy and they were also delicious. Yum! Big feast xD

Too bad she couldn’t understand when we ordered steamed rice, but it was also a good thing because we were already full with 2 meats and 1 herbal rice shared. Lucky she didn’t understand! Lol.

For this meal we spent 590.000 vnd (or about 30 USD) in total. The galbi was 430.000 vnd and pork belly was 160.000 vnd. It was a good deal I think. Happy tummy at the end of lunch.

Do you have any favorite korean bbq in Saigon you can recommend to me? Please leave in comment below 😉



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Tama River Review – First Try

Tama River is a Japanese restaurant located in 14E1 Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. It might be hard to find it if you don’t know Thao Dien area (like what was happened to me because my driver didn’t know the way and almost drop me off at another building). Luckily, my friend told me before the way to get there. It is down to residential area opposite of Mekong Merchant. Or when you see Mon Hue restaurant, just go to the street next to it. Some people also don’t know Mekong Merchant and I know exactly that I can’t depend on google map (It is shown at different place). Yes, I was lost before 😦

As we came in, there were not many people on the first floor. Only 2 tables had customers. There is a stair to next floor but I didn’t check the 2nd floor. They gave us 2 kind of menu. One menu was the ala carte, and the other was set menu. The ala carte menu has pictures on it, although not all the food has picture. At least it helps you to choose the dish. But the set menu doesn’t have any picture, just a list of set menu with its description. Would be nice to have some pictures on it, or even all! 😀

I went there with my husband and we both ordered the set menu. His order was Sake Sashimi and Gyu Saikoro Suteki Set (Salmon and Beef), and I ordered Katsu Curry Rice Set. We waited for quite some time, not as quick as we thought, but it was still okay. I was still standing, hasn’t fainted yet…


Sake Sashimi and Gyu Saikoro Suteki Set

The set menu for this dish is including Chawan Mushi, Miso Soup, Meatball and Rice. I really like their Chawan Mushi (steamed egg). It was just like a normal chawan mushi (Yes, I’ve been trying other chawan mushi lately at other restaurants and they tasted weird!). It has chicken, naruto and mushroom at the bottom. Even my husband liked it! He is not a fan. The Salmon Sashimi was good. It was fresh and came with big chunk. Meatball and miso soup were also good. The disappointment was on the beef. It was hard and a bit chewy.

Katsu Curry Rice Set

This was my order. I liked them! I finished it all 😀 The katsu was made from pork fillet, so not much fat on it. They fried it nicely, still crunchy but not overcooked. Curry sauce also delicious, a bit spicy but I could still handled it. I especially like the red thingy on the rice. I don’t know what was it, but it made the combination of katsu and rice taste really yummy. Too bad they only gave a little. Maybe I could ask for more? Hmm let’s try next time 😀

For me, this restaurant is quite good. But! For people who lives in central area maybe it will less tempting because of the distance. There are several good Japanese restaurant as well in district 1.

For people in district 2, I think this is the best  Japanese restaurant there. I will go there again, since I often stay a bit longer at district 2. I want to try another set menu 😀

Tama River opens from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm, and from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm.


Ru Restaurant – First Try

Update 7 March 2018: This restaurant is permanently closed. 

I wonder why I’ve never heard about this restaurant before. In Tripadvisor, it has higher rank than cuc gach quan! I’m guessing there was some changes in this restaurant that made it more famous now. This restaurant is like a hidden gem. Located in small street and on 2nd floor of diet center (Yea i know, they are tricky right?! Make you eat a lot and feel guilty then you will join their slimming program xD ). Their address is 27E Trần Nhật Duật, Tân Định, Hồ Chí Minh. Open from 10 am to 10 pm everyday.

Their main dishes are Vietnamese food. I heard their com tam (broken rice) with grilled pork is good, so I ordered that. While my husband ordered their lunch set. As you can see below, they have 6 sets for lunch, for 99k vnd (including vat). It consists of appetizer, main dish and drink. Quite a bargain! (Update : Last time I went there, they changed the lunch set menu. It only has Set 1, 3, 4 and Veg Set)

Lunch Set Menu @ Ru Restaurant

The first dish has come!

Deep Fried Spring Rolls

This spring rolls are awesome! Really really good! Crispy but not overcooked, and it tasted really yummy (yes it made me smile!). Must order this one again next time, but not from lunch set because it’s only 2 pcs 😦 I want moreee~!

Sauteed Pho Noodle with Australian Beef

For this menu, the waitress asked if we want normal noodle or dry noodle. Since we saw a review about crispy noodle being recommended, we ordered with crispy noodle. I love this dish as well. The veggies are nicely cooked. The beef were juicy and seasoned perfectly. When you eat it all together (crispy noodle + beef + veggies), it’s really delicious. Yum~!

Broken Rice with BBQ Pork

This one is my favorite. Well-cooked broken rice, and that BBQ pork… tastes like heaven! I can easily cut it, and very juicy. It almost melt in my mouth. The side veggies was not my favorite.

It is a really nice place to have lunch or dinner. You should try it. I definitely will come back!

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Quyen ky mi gia

If you like Chinese-style noodle, you will like this restaurant. I knew this restaurant from my husband, who happened to know this place from his colleagues. It’s located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, at 47 Bui Bang Doan St, Tan Phong Ward. They have a website too! From their website, I found out about their other branch as well. Turned out they have branch in District 1 as well … We don’t need to go to District 7 after all!

Anyway..on this post I will write about the on District 7.

Quyen Ky Mi Gia

Their place is quite big. It has a semi-outdoor seating and indoor seating.


And below is their menu. All in Vietnamese!

Quyen Ky Mi Gia Menu
Quyen Ky Mi Gia Menu

I ordered Mi Kho Xa Xiu Hoanh Thanh (Dry Noodle with wonton and charsiu). I only know that Mi Kho means Dry Noodle, and Hoanh Thanh means wonton. Yum! I like wonton.

Chili and pickles

This chili is not too spicy, I still can handle it. But the pickles.. I gave up eating it. Too spicy for me >__<

Soda chanh ( Lemon Soda )

This is the first time I get soda chanh which I need to mix it myself! Interesting though, because I can make it match my taste.

Mi Kho Xa Xiu Hoanh Thanh

This is it! The noodle. It came with a somekind of shrimp cracker. Looks yummy eh? I like small noddle! It was delicious as well. I don’t like the charsiu though. And that shrimp cracker tasted bland, and some parts were hard to bite.

Hoanh Thanh (Wonton)

I love their wonton! It came in small pot. The soup was not my taste though, because it’s a bit sweet.But the wonton.. yummy!

Their price is a bit high than other noodle place, but once in a while won’t hurt. I definitely come back for their noodle and wonton. So next time I will order Mi Kho Hoanh Thanh! It’s not in their menu tho, but maybe they can make the dry version of Mi Hoanh Thanh.