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Ramen Pasta Osaka

I like this ramen place. I think it’s the best ramen restaurant in ho chi minh city so far. My favorite menu is tsukemen or dip ramen. Almost everytime I came here I ordered that.

That night I went there again with my husband. He also a fan of tsukemen. To prevent ourself on getting bored of it, we ordered something different. Mine was ramen with garlic chips. It was nice but I don’t want to talk about that dish now.

Pasta Fu Pirikara kurimu ramen

I want to share about the ramen pasta that my husband ordered, it’s called Pasta Fu Pirikara Kurimu Ramen. When it came, we looked at it with low expectation. I’m not a fan of creamy pasta. He tried it first then gave it to me to try.

I looked up to him, smilling. It was delicious! The noodle is cooked well, and the creamy sauce is tasty. It made me want to eat more, but I shouldn’t because I have my own ramen noodle to finish.

Very recommended to try! If you want to try it, come to 18 Thai Van Lung Street, Ho Chi Minh City.