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Chocomin – Dog themed chocolate pieces

I stumbled upon this chocolate shop on basement floor of Saigon Center mall. They are selling chocolate with a cute dog picture on the cover. And it’s actually has the shape of the dog on the chocolate too! Very cute. There are dark chocolate and white chocolate part on each chocolate piece. Depending on which type of dog, you get more white chocolate or more dark chocolate.

They have 2 type of packages, 68 pieces (800k vnd or around USD35) and 36 pieces (380k vnd or about USD17). I’m sure they are selling per piece as well. This can be a cute gift for a dog lover! Or for the incoming Tet (Vietnamese New Year) celebration.

Would you buy this chocolate? Let me know what do you think in the comment.


Dog theme chocolate chocomin

Dog theme chocolate chocomin

Dog theme chocolate chocomin

Dog theme chocolate chocomin

Dessert · Ho Chi Minh City

Milo Ice Cream

Maybe some of you knew about this ice cream already, but not me. Just recently I found it in family mart. It was actually my husband who saw it. “Look! There’s milo ice cream! Let’s try it. It’s cheap anyway, only 8k vnd” he said.


There is 2 kind of milo ice cream as you can see on the picture above. First one has chocolate coated tip and second one has vanilla inside. I personally prefer the first one. It tasted better. Milo milk.. mmm yummy~

Which one have you tried? Let me know in comment below.