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La Fenetre Soleil – Off Menu Dishes

On my second time to La Fenetre Soleil, I met Mrs Cinta, the owner of that place. She is a very kind lady and she told me about many dishes that are off menu. We can order it but not on the menu yet. If you haven’t read about this restaurant, you can read it here.

La Fenetre Soleil, despite of their french name, it sells Indonesian food. And this time I will write about their off-menu dishes.

This is their standard menu. And these are the meals that are not there :

  1. Bebek Goreng Surabaya 180.000 vnd.
  2. Rawon 200.000 vnd.
  3. Soto Betawi
  4. Gado-gado
  5. and many more (will update soon).


Last time when I went there, we ordered many foods so now let me review them 😀

  1. Chicken satay – this one is good! the satay sauce is yummy and the chicken is tender.
  2. Chicken tender – yummy.
  3. Perkedel Jagung – delicious.
  4. Tahu Isi – Very good.
  5. Pecel – Too spicy for me, can’t taste it properly.
  6. Ayam Goreng – good.
  7. Bebek Goreng – delicious. Eat it with the gravy!
  8. Sop Buntut – good. soup is delicious, meats are tender.
  9. Rawon – okay. it’s lack of ‘kluwak’ taste but I guess they made it to cater international taste.
  10. Sayur Asem – good.
  11. Rendang – good. not too spicy.

My husband and his friends loved it! Yes, the food is mostly yummy. Never had enough of this. If you’re looking for a good Indonesian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, then you should visit this one. Can’t go wrong with the taste 😉


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The Vintage Emporium Saigon – first try

When I have no idea what to have for lunch or dinner, I often use Foursquare to help me out. I find the reviews there are reliable. So this time I also used it to find a lunch place.

The Vintage Emporium

There was 1 interesting restaurant that I wanted to try before. The Vintage Emporium at 95B Nguyen Van Thu, Ho Chi Minh City. It is a European style small restaurant. I have it on my list on foursquare and the review also really good. A very high review score. So I went there for lunch.

The Vintage Emporium first floor

The place is not too big but really comfortable to sit and have coffee or meal. They are famous for their breakfast, brunch and lunch, but I think in the evening will be nice to hang out there as well. They are open from 8.30 am to 10.00 pm. When I came, there were many customers in first floor so the waitress ushered me to second floor.


I sat on a long table near window, and then she gave me the menu and wifi password. I like the ambiance, feels homey and relaxing. I like the interior design as well. Classic.

Lunch Combo

I saw the menu and mostly costs above 100.000 vnd. There is lunch combo from 11.30 to 13.30 with several choices for only 99k vnd. Better try the combo then. I picked saigon baguette and vietnamese ice coffee with milk. I found out later that they charge 5.000 vnd for the milk.

Saigon Baguette

Saigon Baguette. One word. Loved it! The bread is crunchy outside and soft inside, with fresh vegetables and BBQ pork on top of it. Very recommended!

Vietnamese Ice Coffee

Their ice coffee also good. It’s a bit strong for me but I like the taste.


Another thing that I like here is that they serve free water for you!

This is The Vintage Emporium menu just in case you want to see what they are serving there.

All-in-all this is a very good place to go alone or with friend(s), to have a chat or just enjoying morning / afternoon.

Have you been there as well? What do you think of this restaurant? Let me know in comment below 😉

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Fried Crab Spring Roll @Wrap & roll

I’ve been in Vincom Center for several times, and spent most of the time on the basement because that’s where the restaurants are. Trust me, don’t go to the food-court on highest floor. If you’re looking for something to eat or drink, or just to hang out with friends, go to basement area. There are many restaurants and coffee shops.

This time I tried Wrap & Roll. I was tempted by the picture they put outside of the restaurant actually. There were only a few people eating when I came there. It was after lunch time at that time but I was so hungry. I sat down on one of the table. The waiter gave me the menu and it wasn’t long for me to decide what I want. Fried Crab Spring Roll. Yup, one of my favorite food in Vietnam.

Fried Crab Spring Roll Wrap and Roll
Fried Crab Spring Roll

It came in 2 pieces with soup and noodle. The portion is smaller than I thought, considering its price. The taste is delicious. It’s just too expensive xD

Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk Wrap and Roll
Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk

I ordered this dessert because the other dessert that I wanted was sold out 😦 This is a kind of hot dessert. It tasted really good, and rather heavy.

The total bill was 180.000 vnd. Quite expensive for Vietnamese food. But it’s worth to try if you hungry and see this restaurant nearby.

Wrap & Roll is a Vietnamese chain-restaurant. Can be found anywhere in Saigon, not only in Vincom Center. Visit their website:  for more information. It’s in Vietnamese language though.


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Swiss House Saigon

There are many good restaurants along Le Thanh Ton street Ho Chi Minh City but mostly are Asian restaurant. So we went to eat Asian food most of the time since we live near that area. Last Friday, we wanted to try something different. My husband interested in Swiss Restaurant at Le Thanh Ton street, just before intersection with Hai Ba Trung street. I saw this restaurant many times during my dog walking with my dog. It’s a 2-level small restaurant.

Swiss House Saigon

He saw the review was good so we decided to try it. We sat at 2nd floor, no one was around by the time we came. They have a great choice of food, but the price a little put me off. They are expensive! 😦

We ordered Pumpkin Soup, Pork Cordon Bleu, and Veal Sausage. The waiter asked us if we want to share the food. We said yes ( we were thinking to share the food as well but using our plate, and he offered a proper sharing food! Didn’t know we can do this in a fancy restaurant ).

Pumpkin Soup Swiss House
Pumpkin Soup

I’m not a fan of pumpkin soup because of its sweetness, but my husband like this soup. They gave us a small bowl to share the soup, but I only took a small portion of it. Actually this one is nice, not too sweet.

Pork Cordon Bleu Swiss House
Pork Cordon Bleu

I love this one! Best pork cordon bleu I’ve ever eaten. The meat was tender, and the cheese filling is just right. The edge part was crispy. It’s just perfect. Very recommended!

Veal Sausage in Onion Sauce
Veal sausage with onion sauce

Another one from Traditional Swiss Menu was Veal Sausage. I like this one as well. The sausage is nicely made. And the onion sauce added more flavor to the sausage. That potato side dish also good. This one also recommended.

On the other table, there was 2 Japanese men who were most likely a regular since everyone there welcomed them. They ordered cheese fondue for starter. Maybe next time (on special occasion) I will try that, because it’s not cheap 😀

The total bill for us was 850.000 vnd. I think it’s very expensive, but the food quality is awesome. Have you tried this restaurant before? Do you want to try it? Let me know on comment below 😉


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Bun Cha and Crab Spring Rolls @ Quan Nem

Trying out Quan Nem. They only sell 2 dishes on their menu, that is bun cha and cha gio (spring roll). It’s a must-try restaurant. This is the only restaurant in hcmc who sells crab spring rolls. They have 2 kind of sauce, northern style and southern style. This one we used southern style. According to my friend the northern style tastes rather bland.

Bun cha
Bun cha
meat for bun cha
meat for bun cha

How to eat bun cha :
1. Get a lettuce, put some noodle on top of it then add some herbs.
2. Roll the lettuce so that it’s easier to hold.
3. Put some sauce to small bowl (add chili if u like)
4. Dip the roll on the sauce and enjoy! Yummy~

Crab Spring Rolls
Crab Spring Rolls

Address : 15E Nguyen Thi minh Khai, district 1, ho chi minh city.