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How to send International package from Vietnam

So.. who’s been living in Saigon and never done any package delivery? I did! I had no idea how to send package abroad. If I had known it before, I would have been doing online shopping. Thanks to working in ARC, I had a chance to check it and sent package. On last December, ARC was selling calendar and someone in UK ordered it. 15 calendars! How did I do it?!

Firstly I came to the counter in the middle. If you enter central post office, just walk to the counter straight from entrance. Not the souvenir counter though. Then you will need to tell the officer about what thing you want to send and to where. And what kind of service do you want, by sea or flight. He then will give you some forms. You need to fill out those forms and return to him. You will need to remember you passport number if you are foreigner.

Next step, he will give your package to wrapper officer. He can help you put your stuff in a box if you don’t have one. Or if you had already wrapped it, he will either put a sticker on it or put it on another box. Please be advice that they may open your package if they need to check the items. After all done, the first officer will weight them on digital scale. Then he will give you a receipt. You need to bring this receipt to payment counter.

The officer will tell you which counter you should go, it is different for each type of shipment. On payment counter, the cashier will put the details on her computer and will produce a total of what you need to pay. After paying your package, she will give you the receipt. And all done!

It is easy actually, but sometime we were scared before we even try. The first officer on center counter is my favorite. He was super busy but still friendly and helpful! I wanted to use EMS service at first because the customer asked for it. But he told me it is better to use Vietnam Post. The package will come in 2 weeks with Vietnam Post, and one week with EMS, but the cost difference is big. Since it is not much different in time (for me), I followed his suggestion to use VietPost (Although to be honest I was a bit worried with its safety). And guess what?! The package arrived in 5 days!! And it only cost around 199k vnd to ship 4.2 kg calendars to England. The cost may varies depending on type of stuff and destination country.

Hope this helps! Thank you for reading. Ciao.