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Lunch at La fentre Soleil (Tahu Telor, Soto Betawi, Rawon)

This afternoon we were craving for some Indonesian food, even though we just came back recently from Jakarta! Luckily, we have La Fenetre in Saigon. They have a good Indonesian meals so it can fulfill our craving.

For lunch today, we ordered dishes that we’ve never tried before here. They were Tahu Telor (fried egg and tofu with peanut sauce and petis), Soto Betawi (beef in coconut milk soup) and Rawon (Indonesian Beef Black Soup).

Tahu Telor La Fenetre Soleil Saigon

Rawon at La Fenetre Saigon

Soto Betawi La Fenetre Soleil Saigon

All dishes were delicious. It did lack of richness compared to the original one in Indonesia. But I think it is because they adjusted the taste for foreigner. I posted about this on local foodie facebook group and the owner of the restaurant explained about this “lack of richness”. She said “Yes we cut on coconut milk for Soto Betawi as it is too rich for most of people also for “petis” on tahu telor as it is quite strong for non Indonesian for the smell and flavor.” Just as I thought!

Overall the taste was delicious, especially the sambal. They gave different sambal for different dish! Tahu telor was a bit spicy for me, but definitely will recommend this one to my friends since they like this kind of dish and spicy food. For rawon and soto betawi, I don’t think it will be interesting for them to try because most of them don’t like eating meat. Although…they ate Fried Chicken here lol. But mostly because of the galangal that was used as one of the spice for it.

Have you been to La Fenetre? What is your favorite dish there? Let me know in comment.


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La Fenetre Soleil – Off Menu Dishes

On my second time to La Fenetre Soleil, I met Mrs Cinta, the owner of that place. She is a very kind lady and she told me about many dishes that are off menu. We can order it but not on the menu yet. If you haven’t read about this restaurant, you can read it here.

La Fenetre Soleil, despite of their french name, it sells Indonesian food. And this time I will write about their off-menu dishes.

This is their standard menu. And these are the meals that are not there :

  1. Bebek Goreng Surabaya 180.000 vnd.
  2. Rawon 200.000 vnd.
  3. Soto Betawi
  4. Gado-gado
  5. and many more (will update soon).


Last time when I went there, we ordered many foods so now let me review them 😀

  1. Chicken satay – this one is good! the satay sauce is yummy and the chicken is tender.
  2. Chicken tender – yummy.
  3. Perkedel Jagung – delicious.
  4. Tahu Isi – Very good.
  5. Pecel – Too spicy for me, can’t taste it properly.
  6. Ayam Goreng – good.
  7. Bebek Goreng – delicious. Eat it with the gravy!
  8. Sop Buntut – good. soup is delicious, meats are tender.
  9. Rawon – okay. it’s lack of ‘kluwak’ taste but I guess they made it to cater international taste.
  10. Sayur Asem – good.
  11. Rendang – good. not too spicy.

My husband and his friends loved it! Yes, the food is mostly yummy. Never had enough of this. If you’re looking for a good Indonesian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, then you should visit this one. Can’t go wrong with the taste 😉


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La Fenetre Soleil – Indonesian Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

I thought I won’t find any good Indonesian Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, until I heard about this place, La Fenetre Soleil. It is located at 44 Ly Tu Trong, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Next to M2C cafe.

Entrance next to M2C Cafe
Entrance next to M2C Cafe
Stair to 2nd floor
Stairs to 2nd floor

The entrance is not very convincing, but trust me you have to try and take those stairs to 2nd floor. There are 2 fashion and accessories shops before the restaurant. I should check it out next time. They seems to have interesting stuff inside.

Hallway to entrance
Hallway to entrance

La Fenetre Soleil is a cafe and bar, with live music stage. They often have event there. I heard that they are very popular with their ambiance. It has vintage touch with some old furniture, many different style of tables and chairs. There are sofas, but there are also bar stools and classic chairs. It doesn’t look like a restaurant, more like a bar.


When I went there, there were 3 groups of people. A Japanese group and 2 western couples. I don’t like that customer can smoke in the room, because of no air conditioner only fans. I can smell the cigarette smoke from everywhere while trying to find somewhere to sit. Then I decided to sit on the table near window. I must endured the smell until those Japanese guys left.

View from my table
View from my table

The waitress gave me menu, but it was only drink menu. The drink menu is in English and Japanese. Must be a lot of Japanese people coming there. I looked around and saw all the guests were drinking only. None was eating. Made me wonder if I came to the right place…

I called the waitress again and asked for lunch menu. Apparently you have to ask for food menu because normally people go there to enjoy the drink and live music.

The main dish in that restaurant is Indonesian food. I can say that it’s a traditional Indonesian food, not those fusion type. There are also western food but not so many. Their special is “nasi rames”, it is a typical Indonesian food where you can have everything in one plate; meat, vegetables and soup (separate bowl). You need to ask what is the specialty of the day, because for “nasi rames” they cooked based on what fresh ingredient they found on market that day. It also come with ice tea and traditional Indonesian dessert. All that for the price of 180.000 vnd.

I decided to order “Ayam Goreng Lengkuas” (Typical Indonesian Fried Chicken with Galangal flavor) and Fresh Passion Fruit Juice for the drink.

Fresh Passion Fruit Juice
Fresh Passion Fruit Juice

The juice came first and it was too sweet for me. I should order it without sugar next time.

Ayam Goreng Lengkuas
Ayam Goreng Lengkuas

The fried chicken was delicious, it came with 2 pieces of chicken. I haven’t eaten this kind of chicken for a long time. One thing to be improved is the chicken texture, they fried it too long. The meat is a bit dry, but still can taste the spices on every bites though. It doesn’t taste plain even for the deepest part of the meat. They are using woven bamboo plate to serve the food, covered with banana leaf, which is a traditional way of eating Indonesian food and it’s a good thing, but I found it hard to cut the chicken because it isn’t steady enough.

When I was eating, vaguely Sundanese music in the room! I used to hear this music a lot when I ate in Sundanese Restaurant in Indonesia. So nostalgic! xD

I didn’t order dessert because I was full already. Their dessert is very tantalize. For lunch menu, they have “pisang bakar”, “es campur” and “jajanan pasar”. It is a very traditional dessert from Indonesia. I should try this next time! I asked them for my bill and the total was 175.000 vnd. Tax already included in the price.

View from across the street
View from across the street

This restaurant has a website and there you can check for the event and food menu. For Dinner they also have Indonesian food but very few, mostly are western food or Japanese food. Next visit I will try one of these : Rendang, Tumis Cumi Hitam, Sop Buntut, Nasi Rames, or Special Rijstafel Dinner.

Every Monday to Friday from 17.30 to 19.30 they have happy hour where you can get 50% off for all cocktail, beers, wines and mixed drinks. Shouldn’t miss this !