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Thai Street – Authentic Thai Food in Saigon

I’ve heard a good thing about Thai Street a few weeks after they opened, but too bad at that time they only open for dinner. I don’t want to go to District 2 just to have dinner, as I live in District 1. But about a month ago, they also open for lunch. I was so excited to try! About 2 weeks ago, I went there (finally) with my friend. She is a regular there so she knows which menu is good.

The place itself is made with a sense of Thailand, with all the signs and decorations. It has outdoor seating (with roof) and indoor seating (with aircon). We sat outdoor because we brought our dogs as well.

Thai Street

We ordered several dishes and when the food came, my friend showed me how to eat it Thai’s way. First of all, most of the dishes are for sharing. You can have it all by yourself of course. But by sharing you get a chance to try another menu as well. Maybe it is just a thing in Asia where we like to share. I’ve had meal with people with Europe and most of the time they didn’t share their food.

Next thing I learned from her about Thai food was Thai people likes to eat their food with 4 flavors at the same time. Salty, sweet, sour and spicy. That is why in an authentic Thai restaurant they should have these 4 items, which are fish sauce, sugar, chili pickle, and dried chili. Interesting. Saying is easy, but the most intriguing scene was when I saw she actually did it. Especially when she poured sugar on top of her food. I know we can use sugar for cooking to enhance the flavor, but usually I used it during the cooking process! Not on the plate.

Pad Siew Ew Gai (Fried Flat Noodle with Chicken)

She showed me how to do it with this flat noodle dish. She took a little portion of it to her plate and add everything there. I didn’t do it…at first. This noodle was really delicious! It reminded me of the fried kwe tiaw in Indonesia. I ate it without adding anything. Then she asked me to try hers. I got hooked. It was even tastier! I put some sugar, pickle water and chili and mixed it together. Now I always eat this noodle that way haha. I’ve been there several times already now and this noodle is always on my table 😀 Can’t miss it.

Chicken Green Curry

My second favorite dish there is Chicken Green Curry. I just love it. If you order this during lunch time, they will come in set with rice and vegetable as well. Not during dinner though. What I like about this curry is… everything! The chicken is tender, curry is thick and flavorful, and the green leaves in it made the curry fragrant. Very pleasant smell for us. The steamed rice was cooked well as well. There was 1 time when I got a bad steamed rice though. It was hard and dry. But overall, this dish is recommended. Better than green curry in another Thai restaurant that I’ve tried.

Fried rice with shrimp paste

This fried rice was not bad actually, but I think it has less flavor than the other two above. I like it for a change if I don’t order green curry. It came with stir-fried pork, small dried shrimp, eggs, mango salad, and cucumber. Topped with lime, and mix it together.

Thai pork satay

I’ve never tried Thai pork satay before. I was expecting a brown, char-grilled pork meat and some fats, marinated in dark soy sauce. Oh.. my favorite! But when it came.. it was totally different looking. Thai pork satay used all meat, and they used spices. I can taste a strong turmeric flavor on it. I don’t mind it since I like turmeric, but I don’t think I will order this again in the near future.

During lunch time, all of tea menu are free! I like their Thai lemon tea. The sugar is separated. If you like sweet drink, then you should order Thai Ice Red Tea.


They give free dessert after meal. Ice slush for lunch and Ice Cream for dinner. Yum!

What is your favorite dish there? Let me know in comment. Ciao!


Thai Street

Address : 26 Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

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Tuk Tuk Bistro – Thailand Cuisine in Ho Chi Minh

Tuk Tuk Bistro is one of famous thailand restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. They are located in 17/11 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It’s recommended to make an appointment before as they are really busy at dinner time. From the outside it looks as a small fancy restaurant, but once you go in it’s a 3 storey restaurant. First floor and second floor are air-conditioned so it’s better for chill. Third floor is an open-air seating with many fans to help cooling down the temperature. I got to sit at third floor, and it was a little hot at that time.

Their menu has ‘chili’ sign next to the dish name. It shows how spicy the food is. We (me and my husband) ordered chicken green curry fried rice because it has only 1 ‘chili’, fried rice with shrimp paste and deep-fried tofu with tamarind sauce.

Cơm chiên mắm kapi (fried rice with shrimp paste) 85k vnd
Cơm chiên mắm kapi (fried rice with shrimp paste) 85k vnd
Cơm chiên cà ri xanh gà (chicken green curry fried rice) 85k vnd
Cơm chiên cà ri xanh gà (chicken green curry fried rice) 85k vnd
Đậu hủ chiên sả sốt me (deep fried tofu with tamarind sauce) 65k vnd
Đậu hủ chiên sả sốt me (deep fried tofu with tamarind sauce) 65k vnd

Their foods are good. My favourite is the tofu. It’s a homemade tofu and the sauce is really good! Fried rice with shrimp paste also delicious. It comes with pickles, dried pork sausages, omelette, lime, caramelized pork meat, mango salad, chili and crispy whitebaits. Pour the lime over fried rice before start eating.

As for chicken green curry fried rice, it’s really spicy for us! And it has only 1 chili sign on menu. I don’t think i will order a menu with 2 or more chili sign. The taste is actually really good, my husband likes it. I ate 1 spoon and that’s all lol.. too spicy for me.

After we finished eating, we just realized something. . . we didn’t order thai ice tea! How come we go to thai restaurant and didn’t try their thai tea 😦 They have red milk tea and green milk tea! I should try it next time.

Visit their website to check on their menu :