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AO Show – Best Cultural Show in Vietnam

It was Sunday afternoon and I was lazy to do anything. My friend was in Saigon so I was wondering what would she do for the afternoon. She told me about her plan to watch AO Show and then do massage at Miumiu Spa. I know for sure I can’t do massage because this spa is very famous and always fully booked during weekend. My friend got her spot on 7.30pm. Then how about AO Show? That show is very famous as well and sometime people need to buy the ticket several months ahead of their performance time.

My friend told me that she bought the ticket already online at their website. I was late to check and the online booking was closed already! It was 3.40 pm when I checked, for the 6 pm show. I guess they are closed about 3 hours before the show. It said I need to go to ticket counter directly before the show to check available seat. Oh well..

AO Show Price List

I met my friend at cafe Runam Dór next to cathedral around 4.45 pm. My friend was told to take her ticket at the ticket box in front of the opera at 5.30 pm the latest. After a quick meal, we walked to Saigon Opera House and reached it before 5.30 pm. There are 2 locations at the entrance of the opera to get the tickets. The one on the left (there are 2 counters) is for direct selling before the show, and the other one on the right is to exchange online ticket to real ticket.

Luckily, the seat next to my friend was not taken yet so I bought that one. There are 3 types of prices, depending on which area you want to sit. You can check for the price on their website. They are not available every day, so better do your research before go to Opera House. There are other shows available to watch as well if you accidentally forgot to check the website. But worst case, no show at all on that day.

We bought tickets for W (wow) zone so we got a welcome drink to enjoy before the show started. The options are wine (white or red) or tea. If we chose tea, we would get a traditional snack as well. We picked white wine. It was the Dalat wine. We took a selfie with the AO Show logo and hanging around a bit before went upstairs to our seats.

welcome drink AO show

W zone is located on the 1st floor. Two persons greeted us at the 1st floor’s entrance and ushered us to our seats. Finally got a chance to see the inside of the Opera House! We took some photos before the show begun. We were not allowed to use our phone or camera once the show begin.

Our seats had a not-so-bad view to the stage, but for next time I will choose a different seats. Now that I’ve been inside, I can tell which seats have a good view. The A zone is the cheapest, the view is not on the center of the stage unless you chose between A 9 until A 22. BUT, they are in 2nd floor which will be too high to see for my taste. For the O zone, I think the best one are around E 1-10 until J 1-10. A very center view and just in appropriate distance from the stage. And last, for W zone, it would be around E 11-21 and C 15-24. For me these seats have the best view to watch the show. If you can’t get it, then a little bit to the side is okay, just be aware of the position of the pillar.



Saigon Opera House interior

Before the show started, I moved to D8 on first floor. There is a pillar near by and it really blocked some of my view. I needed to sit a bit up front to see the whole stage, couldn’t relax 😦 Good thing the show was really awesome!

I love the choreography, the acrobatic action, the story line (theme), and especially their teamwork. They played around with bamboo sticks, with bamboo baskets, and other properties. It was well organized and well played. There were times when I opened my mouth and made a sound “wow”. There were times that I laughed. Over all it was very entertaining and well designed. I think every one who visited Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi) should watch this show.

After the show end, visitor can take a group photo with all the performers. It would be a nice memory to keep! Having a photo taken with all those talented young people.

Group Photo after the show

Awesome job to all the AO Show performers!

Have you watched it yourself? What do you think about the show? Let me know in the comment!


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Ho Chi Minh City Trip Diary – Day 1

This is it, the day for touring has begun! I need to be a good host for my guest 😉 Many people and books said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So let’s start this Ho Chi Minh City Tour with a good food 😀 We took off at 8 am and went to one of breakfast place in District 3. I knew about this place from another blog, who said that this is the best breakfast he had in Ho Chi Minh City, and been wanting to try it out. Eating alone is never fun (at least for me), so i was so happy i went there with my husband and my friend. The place name is Banh Mi Hoa Ma. A very small restaurant in the corner of the street which we almost missed it. They gave us a table inside but I chose the one outside, with small table and small chairs. Very local! (And I’ve been wanting to try this out lol).

I have no idea what their menu is, but i heard they serve op la here (and maybe only that). It’s one of traditional meal in Vietnam. It serves with a bread (banh mi), mayonnaise and liver pate.

This Op La is really good! Seasoned deliciously and also made us really full. Love it very much! I will recommend this to everyone, except for those who were not allowed to eat pork. My husband and my friend also love it. It was a very satisfying meal for us, despite of the hygiene condition when we were eating lol. There were many motorbikes and cars passing by. But we’ve survived until now, no stomachache. Total payment was 153.000 for 3 op la’s, 2 hot tea and 1 hot coffee with milk. We also like their tea, the delicious mysterious flavor tea which we don’t know (I thought it was lotus tea, but it wasn’t :(). Try them at 53 Cao Thang, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. They are open from 7am.

It was 9 am when we finished. Time to go to Notredame Cathedral Church for English Mass at 9.30 am.

Before the mass begin
Before the mass begin

After the mass finished, we took our time to take some pictures around the church.

Next destination is Central Post Office. There are 2 souvenir shops inside the post office, on the right side and left side from entrance. There is a store in the middle of the hall as well. We went to the right side and looked around. My friend was looking for a postcard and they don’t sell it here. If you want to buy a postcard, it is better to buy from souvenir shop elsewhere or you can also buy from the center shop. They have postcards with range of price 5.000 vnd to 25.000 vnd.

Interior Central Post Office
Interior Central Post Office

Here you can also buy a stamp collection. The price range is 40.000 vnd – 300.000 vnd.  I bought 2 stamp collection for my friend. I used to collect stamp as well long time ago, but i quit. Next destination is District 5! I’ve never been there so i was excited as well. We were going to see old churches and the market as well.

This is Jeanne D’arc church. We couldn’t go inside 😦 All the entrance are closed.

Lunch time~!

We went to Thuan Kieu Restaurant. They are famous with their broken rice and grilled pork ribs. They have many branches around the city. This one is one of them in District 5, and they were good as well. We tried one of their soup, Chanh Rau Ma. It wasn’t what i wanted. I tried to explain the type of soup i wanted but they seemed to not understand English very well, so i ordered this one. It was okay, although it’s not my favorite.

After lunch our driver took us to this church. St Francis Xavie Parish Church, or Nha Tho Cha Tam in Vietnamese. It’s a very nice church, don’t you think? Next destination is Binh Tay Market. We wanted to buy some snacks or any other thing that is interesting.

Binh Tay Market
Binh Tay Market
Binh Tay Market
Binh Tay Market

In the end we didn’t go in to the market because it was too crowded. I lost my interest to walk around. We moved to next location as soon as possible before evening came. We went to Metro, one of the biggest grocer supermarket. My friend bought some local snacks for souvenir, but couldn’t find some snacks. Therefor we went to Cantavil Mall after. After a long walk we felt really thirsty and wanted to sit in a cafe and just chill.

We bought an ice cream instead haha >_< Tried a korean ice cream in top floor of Cantavil Mall. It was so-so. I won’t buy it anymore. At dinner time, we went to Nha Hang Ngon 138. I read a bout this place and many good review. It is located at 138 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Bến Nghé, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City. The place is really nice. Classic decoration with some modern touch.

That was the view from our table. We got a table at second floor.

Nha Hang Ngon 138
Nha Hang Ngon 138

We ordered several local food. I have to say I was not impressed with their food ( I didn’t smile at all when i tried it! Not even once). I think the other Ngon restaurant has better food. That was all for first day. What do you think of our adventure? 😀