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Curry Shika – Japanese Curry Rice

As a fan of Japanese Curry Rice, I couldn’t just ignore the information about this place. Curry Shika. It is said to be a hidden gem in Saigon. Many good reviews about it, it made me want to try even more. It is located on a street in between Nguyen Train street and Le Lai street. A very busy street! And a bit narrow as well.


The address is 1/4 Nguyễn Văn Tráng. I found a small alley and wasn’t sure but then I saw this sign “Curry Shika”. Oh yeah! I came to the right place. Following the alley, I entered 1 area, not busy at all. Then on the right side I saw Curry Shika restaurant. It was lunch time so I expected some customers there.


It wasn’t crowded when I got there. Only 1 table was occupied. I picked 1 table with a nice view to take pictures 🙂 The atmosphere is very local and Japanese style. The good thing is they don’t allow people to smoke here. The place is small, with only a few tables. I’m not sure if they have 2nd floor.


I looked at the menu, everything in Japanese, with a translation below. I was a bit disappointed because I couldn’t find Katsu on the menu. There is no fried dish! Everything is stewed. I picked beef curry with cheese. It was mentioned as their favorite, so it’s a good point to start.


It came with onion pickles and salad. I liked their onion pickles. The rice was yummy. Their curry was delicious! Soft meat as well. I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but I did! I finished the whole thing! Very clean plate lol. It was tasty. Definitely need to come back next time.

I don’t usually give a tip, but this time I gave some tip on my payment, then I left them. When I got out of the restaurant, I heard someone calling me. It was the waitress. She said to me “I’m sorry, but we are not allowed to accept tip” Wow! Very honest waitress! They must have treated the staffs really well.

So if you’re craving for some japanese curry rice, you can try this place! Recommended to try for lunch.


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Places To Eat in Petaling Jaya-Malaysia

First of all, this is my 100th post! Yay 😀 What’s more suitable to post other than food and travel! Yup, I’m writing about my food adventure in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia!

I went to Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on October 21, 2016 and spent 3 days there to enjoy the food and scenery. Sadly, we didn’t go to any iconic building since there is none. When I searched on google, all I found was shopping mall. Recent trip was to Singapore so I don’t think I will go to the shopping mall intentionally. Although I must say One Utama Shopping Mall is a really huge mall with many good shops.

So..let’s just talk about the food! We only stayed in Petaling Jaya during the whole trip. We could’ve gone to Bukit Bintang but we didn’t go. Too lazy because it is quite far. 40 mins with car 😀

These are all the places I went in Petaling Jaya.

1. Teo Chew Lor at One Utama

We arrived at lunch time at our hotel, which is next to One Utama Shopping Mall, so we decided to find place to eat there. It wasn’t easy since the place is so big. We found 1 area on basement floor with several option of restaurants, and picked Teo Chew Lor for our lunch. Our friends ordered duck dish, while us chose mixed one. I ordered for us at the counter then pay there, and get number. Shortly after, the food arrived. The food was delicious, but it was really small portion. My friend said their yeast rice was also tasty.

2. Nasi Kandar next to Sunway Pyramid

This restaurant was the first one we found and interesting outside Sunway Pyramid. We were meeting up with some friends at that mall but we didn’t want to have dinner inside mall, so we walked to nearby area and decided to eat here. I forgot to look for their name because I was sooo hungry. We were late for dinner already.

I ordered Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng, my husband ordered Nasi Kandar Ayam Goreng, and our friends ordered the same, except for 2 people who ordered Chicken Tandori and Laksa. We also ordered Roti Canai plain and with milk, and Murtabak Sapi (Beef). All of the food except the laksa, was tasty. The price was cheap as well. So if you are in Sunway Pyramid and you fancy Malaysian Indian food, you should try this place.

3. IKEA Restaurant

IKEA! It’s been a while since I ate at Ikea Restaurant. On Saturday, me and 2 friends decided to go there to look around and have lunch. We ordered the meatballs, chicken wings, salmon, and some snacks (I didn’t take picture of the snacks). The restaurant was full even tho we came late, like around 1.30 pm if I remember correctly. We saw many moslems eating there with their family, so pretty sure the food there is halal. No pork no lard.

We shared everything we ordered so we can try everything! The meatballs were nice. I like eating it with its sauce, cranberry sauce. It is a little bit sweet, but match the taste of meatball and its gravy. The chicken wings are our favorite. At first we thought we ordered too much because the wings are so big! But after first bite, we changed our mind. “Okay, we can finish this one”. It was really good! The meat was not plain despite of their big size. It was tasty. No wonder so many people ordered this. The salmon is just okay. I didn’t like it because it had fishy taste, but my friends could finished it. Full and happy tummy.

4. Tim Ho Wan at One Utama

Pork Bun Tim Ho Wan

The first time I tried Tim Ho Wan was at my trip to Hong Kong. This dimsum restaurant is available in most country in Asia now. My favorite there is Pork Bun. The skin is crispy and crusty, with soft bread inside and delicious Char Siu in the middle. Eat it while it’s warm. You will get addicted to it!

We found Tim Ho Wan in One Utama while we strolled around. I asked my friends if they want to eat there, and they said yes since they never tried it before anyway (and I don’t mind to eat here even as well). We ordered several dishes and they were all delicious. They serve dimsum all day. I’ve been eating in Tim Ho Wan in several countries now, and they all have the same taste. It’s good how they manage their food quality for all branch across countries.

5. Village Park Restaurant

This restaurant is a must visit for nasi lemak. I had it on my restaurant list and my friend also heard it from his friend. We actually came to this restaurant before we went to Tim ho Wan. We were planning to buy a take away order and eat it at hotel. Google said they closed at 6 pm, so we went there before closing time, around 5.30 pm. When we arrived, they were preparing to close the restaurant. There were still several people eating and paying, so we rushed inside and asked for take away order. Sadly, the fried chicken was sold out already. We didn’t buy anything in the end, instead we decided to come again the next day for lunch!

So there we were the next day, standing in restaurant before lunch time, with loads of people eating and queuing. At first we were standing in queue, but then we noticed some people just standing inside as if they were waiting to be seated. So we asked 1 of the employee for a table of 4. He ushered us inside the restaurant and asked us to wait a little. Judging by so many people standing next to us, it wouldn’t be a short waiting time. But I was wrong. After only 10 mins of waiting, he came back to us and gave us table. We ordered nasi lemak ayam goreng, and I wanted to order sotong as well but they were sold out. Ugh.. they must be good then!

Tips when u eat here : order more rice when u make your order! The fried chicken was so delicious and big, need more rice to eat it. Their nasi lemak (rice) also tasty. This restaurant is a must visit! The downside is it’s really hard to find taxi from this place. BUT, you can always order via uber or grab taxi.

6. Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh at One Utama


I heard about how Bah Kut Teh in Malaysia is different than the one in Singapore. It is said that the original Bah Kut Teh was from Malaysia. They were used to give strength, with herbal in it. While the one in Singapore was modified, less herbal stuff and more pepper. We found 1 place in One Utama that sells Bah Kut Teh. Maybe it was not the best restaurant, but we were too tired from walking the whole day, so nearby place is a plus.

When our order came, I could smell of herbal soup. It was served with small fire below to keep the dish warm. We tried it, The Malaysian Bah Kut Teh. I must say I don’t like it. The herbal taste was too strong for me. My husband was okay with it. In the end, we both prefer Singaporean Bah Kut Teh. But it was a nice experience to try new thing. You should try it first to know which one you like better.

7. Breakfast buffet at One World Hotel

It was a good thing that the breakfast also included in room rate, so we didn’t have to get out in the morning to find the food somewhere else. The breakfast buffet in this hotel is open from 6.30 am to 10 am. They have vast variety of food, as expected from a 5 star hotel. My favorite was nasi lemak (still lol). I like the sambal (chili). The japanese dishes and Indian dishes also great. Roti Canai was tasty, but the curry was too spicy for me. I don’t pick any western food, since I like Asian breakfast more. If you visiting Petaling Jaya, it’s worth to check on this hotel. They have a great breakfast buffet with many options, and also next to a huge shopping mall, One Utama.


Additional food and drink that I had :

1. Melon Yogurt Bingsu at Caffe Bene Sunway Pyramid


That giant bingsu (ice-shaved) is the one. It has yogurt ice cream on top, a round shaped melon layered with shaved ice yogurt. It was actually yummy and fresh, but need people to share. Too much for 1 person.

2. Tokyo Secret at One Utama

I like cheesecake tart, and we found this little shop in One Utama, Tokyo Secret. There was queue line so we were curious to try. It was yummy. The crust was crispy and flaky. The cheesecake was soft and a little salty, but good. Although… if you compare it to Pablo or Hokkaido Cheesecake, it can’t win. The good news is Pablo will open their shop soon in One Utama!

That is all what I can say about my food adventure in Petaling Jaya. It was not a really adventure since we mostly stayed in mall because too lazy to go far lol. What is your favorite eating place in Petaling Jaya? Let me know in comment below.



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Singapore Trip – Day 3

Trying breakfast at Carousel (the hotel buffet) first thing in the morning. It was 9 am when we arrived. Only 1 hour to enjoy the breakfast there. The day before, the receptionist offered us if we want to order breakfast for SGD20++ / person. They had special promotion for anyone who gets breakfast for at least 2 days in a row. We didn’t take the offer. But since yesterday my husband went there for lunch with his colleague, he is curious about the breakfast buffet.

Carousel is (apparently) famous for halal buffet. Their food at lunch had a huge variations and tastes good as well. That’s why we went there for breakfast. The normal rate for breakfast is SGD 37.5/person (with tax). Very expensive for my standard of breakfast! Especially when I couldn’t eat much in the morning. Their lunch buffet is about SGD 70/person. Too much for me.. Their breakfast dishes were good though. We enjoyed our asian breakfast!

Cute Statue on Bus Stop, Orchard road

At 10.00 am we finished our breakfast and went back to our room, resting again. My husband needed to pack up his suitcase because his flight was in the afternoon. Me? I’m staying for check up.

For lunch, we went to Somerset 313. There is a famous and delicious hotpot restaurant there, called Hai Di Lao. It is recommended to make a reservation before hand or else you will have to wait. Luckily we didn’t have to wait for long, maybe around 20-30 minutes. They served us condiments and drinks while waiting. When a table ready for us, they called us. The waitress there was really friendly and helpful, even though some of them can’t speak English very well. If you can speak Chinese, it would be wonderful. We can’t.

Our favorite soup base in Hai Di Lao is Chicken soup. We tried mushroom soup base before and it was good as well but the chicken one is better. They used mushroom as well in chicken soup so the flavor is richer because of chicken and mushroom all together. Another favorite base is tom yum, but we never tried it because we can’t eat spicy food ><


The picture is blurry because I took it using my phone inside a sealed bag (and was in a hurry.. so the sealed bag is actually an excuse :D). Yes! They gave you a sealed bag for your phone and lens cleaning tissue for your eye glasses. You can choose what item you want from their ipad. Just click the item and how many you want. You can order half portion as well. After finished our order, we waited for a short time only and all the food were there! There will be a special performance if you order their homemade noodle. It’s an amazing show and entertaining at the same time. And my friend said the noodle tastes really good as well. Oh well, next time we will try it then!

We ordered too many food… very heavy to walk after meal. We walked slowly through the shops. Stopping by in some shops and continue walking because my husband need to go to airport by 3.30 pm. And of course we didn’t forget about Garret popcorn. We always buy it whenever we visited Singapore. There are 2 places to buy Garret popcorn in Orchard Road. One shop in 313 Somerset Ground Floor and another one in Wisma Atria Basement Floor. I heard that there is one in Terminal 2 Changi Airport as well. But since we were in 313 and he wanted to put the popcorn inside luggage, we bought it there.

On the way to hotel, my husband just remembered that he needs to find something. Takashimaya was in front of us, so we went in there. He got what he wanted and rushed over to tax refund counter. Purchase above SGD 100 can claim for tax refund (or they call it GST Refund). There was no queue for GST Refund, so it was very fast. After he got the approval slip, we rushed back to hotel.

It was 4 pm when he ready to go. No chance of taking MRT to airport. He took taxi instead. It was quite fast. He arrived at airport in 20 minutes, and total cost about SGD 20. So if you want to take taxi to airport from Orchard, that is the approximate time and cost you will spend.

So.. only me left in Singapore. Fortunately I have friends who live there so I always have someone to accompany me.


For dinner this time, I went to Novena MRT Station to meet with my friend. She wanted to bring me to a Japanese place. There are a few there in United Square, but I was interested in ramen. The place called Bari Uma Ramen. Owned by a Japanese. In fact, some of the staffs are Japanese. I ordered Ajitama Uma, and my friend ordered Nori-Tama-Uma.

Ajitama Uma

The soup was really thick and tasty. The price for a portion of Ajitama Uma is SGD 14.90. I like the texture of the noodle and the soup, but I dont like their meat and egg. The grilled pork is not juicy. And the egg.. I was so disappointed in their egg. It was still runny when I cut it half. The taste also very bland. Usually ajitama is a bit salty or at least tasty because they put the egg marinated in soy sauce. But this one was not as good as I imagined 😦


The difference is Nori-Tama-Uma has 3 big sheets of nori (seaweed). And it costs SGD 16.90. They have option to add more noodle after your first order finished. So you can only order the noodle then put it into your existing bowl. We didn’t do that of course! Normal portion already too much for us.

After dinner, we went to Cold Storage. My friend wanted to buy something. I don’t mind going to supermarket. In fact, this is one of my favorite thing to do when I travel. To visit their supermarket. The local it is, the better. Cold Storage is not so local, they have many imported stuff there, but it’s still a supermarket so I don’t mind 😀

Reese’s pieces

I’ve been looking for this candy for a while. First time I got it was from my husband’s colleague in Philipines. It looks like a normal candy, like M&M, but it’s actually a peanut butter! It is soooo good! And I found it here in Singapore!! In Cold Storage. My friend asked me to buy it later in case I found it somewhere else and cheaper. But from my experience while travelling, always buy when you first found it! Of course, if you know another place to get it then this rule does not apply.

Now I know that Cold Storage has Reese’s pieces, but I found it as well at the airport! At the candy place. Cocoa & Co if I’m not mistaken. They have it as well now, but it is the bigger package.

That was all for my day 3, hopefully you can get some information here. I will continue for last days! Ciao.

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Lunch at Benh Thanh Market

Yes! Finally I had a chance to try having lunch at Benh Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City. There is 1 area in the market that is full with food stall. Many of them can speak English, simple one, but still it’s nice to be able to communicate.

There were many options to choose and I didn’t know which one of them has a good food. So the only option were looked for a busy food stall or something you like. My friend saw a noodle stall and wanted to try it out. I saw the menu (with no price on it) and saw something I might like.

Chicken Fried Noodle

Chicken fried noodle. This simple dish is pretty good. It has a bit of sweetness. I would prefer a bit saltiness though xD It wasn’t a fried noodle actually, just dried noodle. It came with soup. The seller said it was soup for after meal, but I ate it during meal. Pour a little bit to my noodle as well to make it loosen.

For the drink, there was another guy asking us what drink we want. I ordered chanh muoi, or salted lemon juice. Always love the taste!

In total, we spent 145k vnd, for 2 noodles and 2 drinks. The noodle was 50k vnd each. Quite expensive eh? But it was a nice experience for us 😉 Maybe next time we will try another dish. Who knows.