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Bun Thit Nuong Chi Tuyen

“What shall we eat for lunch?” This question always appear especially on weekend and national holiday, because my husband is not working and I can’t just go somewhere alone to eat whatever I want (can I?) :D. He was not feeling feel and wanted something cheap and throat-friendly because of his cough.

We opened once again the list from migrationology and looked at Bun Thit Nuong place. It is not too far from where we live and last time we were there, they tasted good. We went there riding our motorbike with me as navigator (google map on stand by!), and it was an easy trip.

In front of the restaurant, there was a guy calling us to park our motorbike at the spot. He helped my husband arranging the motorbike in parking lot, then another guy gave me a parking card.

Bun Thit Nuong Chi Tuyen

The space inside this restaurant is limited. Maybe they have second floor though, but I’m not sure. We sat on one of empty table and one of the employee approached us. I ordered bun cha gio, while my husband ordered bun thit nuong. The guy asked me something but I couldn’t understand him.. For the drink, we ordered just iced tea.


The food came out quite fast. My bun cha gio didn’t taste like expected 😦 It’s either their cha gio (Spring roll) was worse than before, or I happened to have tried a better one. It didn’t taste terrible though. Still edible. Just not as good as I expected.

Bun Cha Gio

My husband’s bun thit nuong on the other hand was delicious. Their grilled pork is tasty. If you like pork satay, then this one is similar.

The total for our meal was 84k vnd. We came out to get our motorbike on parking lot and it was free parking! I saw a guy was grilling the pork skewers at the side of the street near parking lot, and I said to my husband “This is why their grilled pork taste good! :D”


Bun Thit Nuong address

Food · Ho Chi Minh City · Vietnam

Mama Pho – Different Kind of Pho

Today I tried a different type of Pho in one of the restaurant near Bitexco. I like the normal Pho (the soup one) but not really a fan of noodle soup. My husband told me that this place, called Mama Pho, has some different ways to serve Pho (actually he told me it was a noodle and i didn’t think it was Pho!).

We came in and sat, then the waitress brought the menu to us, which was served as placemat as well. They have many different style of Pho, including the normal soup one, such as dried pho, wok-fried pho, rolled pho, crispy pan-fried pho, and golden-fried pillow pho. Very interesting isn’t it?

Dried Pho Menu

I love dried noodle so I ordered the Pho kho dau hu, nam va rau (dried pho with tofu, mushroom and homemade sauce). It took a while for them to prepare the food. I guess it goes well with their slogan ” Freshly Made”. They also claimed no MSG and preservatives added.

Dried pho with tofu, mushroom and homemade sauce

It looked delicious and tempting! But of course I need to hold myself and took a picture first 😀 I tried the soup first. Yummy! It was a bit sweet (just a little bit, like all other Pho soup in Saigon). I poured two to three spoon to my noodle and mixed it. It made the noodle less sticky to each other.

Dried pho

Sorry for the blurry picture! Didn’t realize not enough light to speedy photo-taking. I tried the noodle with the homemade sauce and I love it! It was a little sweet and salty. Delicious. I added some chilies and it even better (Although in the end I added too much chili and too spicy for me…).

The portion was not big but good enough for me. It is 66k vnd for one portion of dried pho. Slightly higher than other pho place. But it’s worth to try for a change.

Sweet rice balls with coconut

For the dessert I ordered Che Troi Nuoc (Sweet Rice Balls with Coconut). I rarely ordered dessert but this one was just too tempting. I’m a fan of sweet rice balls (or mochi in some languages). The dessert come first though, before my noodle! Luckily it was not a cold/hot dessert, so it doesn’t matter if I leave it until I finished my noodle. The coconut soup was sweet but bearable. The sweet rice balls was chewy but easily swallowed haha.

All-in-all, it was a good experience to try out this place. Have you tried it as well? What do you think of this place? Let me know in comment.


Address Mama Pho : 111 Ho Tung Mau, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Food · Ho Chi Minh City · Vietnam

Mi Nam Vang @ Hu Tieu Hong Phat

I was interested to try hu tieu today. It’s a noodle dish in Vietnam that came from Cambodia and/or China, they said. Unfortunately the place i wanted to go is closed until 4 pm. I asked my driver if he knows other place, and he brought me to this place, Hong Phat. He said it’s very famous before, but he doesn’t know whether it’s still good or not now. Hmm..i can try (and i was very hungry as well !!).

Hu Tieu Hong Phat
Hu Tieu Hong Phat
Hu Tieu Hong Phat
Hu Tieu Hong Phat

The place were not too crowded when i came. A guy came to me and spoke in Vietnamese, then i reply in English (I know he was asking me how many people). Apparently he doesn’t understand, so he called a younger guy who can speak English. I think he is the son of the owner. He asked me again, then let me sit anywhere on empty table.

Hu Tieu Hong Phat
Hu Tieu Hong Phat

As I sit here, i saw many people coming to this place. They have to share table with stranger as well if you see on the layout. The specialty of this place is Hu Tieu Nam Vang, but i ordered Mi Nam Vang, dry style. They have wet and dry style, can say what you want when you order.

Mi Nam Vang
Mi Nam Vang

It came with a plate of vegetable. First, i tried the soup. Very rich broth, but a little sweet. I’m used to salty broth. The soup has a chunk of pig blood. Next, i tried the noodle. It tastes good, but (again) a little sweet. There are many topping on top of it, such as shrimp, crispy pork lard, pork liver, small shrimp, minced pork, spring onion and some other small things i don’t know the name. For the topping, if you don’t like pig organs, you can also ask them to remove it when you order. But if you eat everything then just try it, they are pretty good.


They have many kind of sauce to add on dishes, but i think not all suitable for my dish. There are garlics, minced garlics, chili sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, homemade chili sauce, vinegar, and sugar. I was really surprised when i saw sugar. I need to ask my Vietnamese friend about this lol.

After i’m finished eating, I read that their pork spring rolls for lunch menu is really good. Hmm.. maybe next time will try that, and hu tieu! The price for Mi Nam Vang is 85k vnd. No additional tax or service charge, all included.

  • Address: 389-391 Võ Văn Tần, phường 5, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam
    Phone:+84 8 3839 0187
    Opening hours · 6:00 am – 12:00 am