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050 – Mural Wall

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Today is day 50 of my photo challenge this year. I took this photo on Le Thanh Ton street. Was curious about it for a while since I saw it on pokemon Go as one of the pokestop. Apparently it is only a small street with 2 mural arts on it. One of it is this picture, and I think it is quite nice and unique.



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001 – Happy New Year

As the new year come, I started a photography project to improve my skill (I hope..). It’s a 365 photo challenge where I need to take photo (and post it) everyday. Let’s see how it goes but I want this to be a success project. I posted the pictures on my facebook page but I figured I need to do it here as well. So.. here is the first photo :


This photo was taken at one of the hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia on new year’s eve. They have a firework event and it was beautiful!


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Lucky, the amazing girl

_DSC7455 (2)

Last Saturday I went to morning walk with A.R.C (Animal Rescue and Care) as usual. The difference was I brought my camera to take the pictures of dogs on the walk. I got some nice pictures that morning. On top of that, I luckily got this picture of Lucky, the rescued dog. She was stretching and yawning lol. I was so happy because I needed a good picture of her to make a post about 1 year she’s been with A.R.C., and I got this picture! Thank you Lucky for making my day.

I posted this picture along with the old pic of her from 1 year ago, and it got unbelievable responds from people. She is living happily now. She even gained some weight! Hopefully we find someone suitable for her to adopt her. She is ready for a home now!

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Natural or Made – That is the question

DetailsΒ is the theme for weekly photo challenge on WordPress this week. I never knew about this challenge before until I stumbled upon a post in one of WordPress blog. It is an interesting one, so I decided to enter the challenge.


I don’t have a macro lens so this is the closest I could get with my camera. I used Sony A6000 with standard lens. This is my close up photograph of my dog’s hair. She has this crimped hair which makes her looks cute (Ahem..). Many people thought I brought her to pet salon to make her hair like this. They are wrong! This hair is her natural hair. (And of course, people didn’t believe me when I said so..). They often made joke that I did it in secret and said it is natural πŸ˜€ Possible.. but for some friends who know me, they would laugh if they heard it. I never done anything to my own hair, let alone doing cute stuff to my dog’s hair lol

So, the answer is Natural. She is a natural beauty (my dog, of course) πŸ˜€