HaiKu by Nancy Pena

I want to share about this adult coloring book. I got this as present and it’s really good! To be honest at first I didn’t think this book is good for me, as I can’t use coloring pencils to make shading and all. But when I looked at the pictures inside, it’s actually awesome. It has different style than other adult coloring book. This one has more of classic japanese / chinese painting style.

Cover HaiKu

I took some pictures from the book as you can see below (please click on the image to see clearly) :

What do you think? I bet you’re agree with me! πŸ˜€

I tried coloring its cover page with coloring pencils, and Β here is the result :

Cover page colored

I’m very happy with the result! It looks like painting (although I don’t know if I can do good on other pictures lol). Want it? Hurry up and go to nearby bookstore πŸ˜‰ For those who lives in Vietnam, you can try PNG bookstore (the one in Vincom mall), but I can’t guarantee you will get it =/ Hope you find it!

Ciao~ Thanks for reading my post!

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Fashion Coloring Book by Kang Min-Jee

For you fashion lover, I would recommend this coloring book. I found this book accidentally when I was buying other book for my friend. One of my cousin loves fashion, and she was looking for coloring book. So I figured she might like this one πŸ˜‰


The author is a Korean. I saw many coloring books here are from Korean author. They have pretty good pictures and design, and cheaper compared to Secret Garden series. Although for my personal collection I prefer Johanna Basford books.

I took some pictures at random from this book, as you can see below.







She uses many designs from branded fashion. So if you are a fashion lover, hold your drool and get it at nearby bookstore πŸ˜€ I saw this book to several people and most of them want it. As for me, I’m more interested in flowers, leaves, and animals. This is not my thing lol.


Enchanted Forest – Johanna Basford

The second book of Johanna Basford is Enchanted Forest. And since 3rd book already on sale, I’m thinking to share about Enchanted Forest first. This coloring activity has been very addictive. It helps me relax and even sleep better. I’m still doing the first book, Secret Garden ( 88 pages can’t be finished in short time lol).

Enchanted Forest

What makes Enchanted Forest different from Secret Garden? I can say that both of them still using the element of flowers and leaves, but Enchanted Forest focus more on animal shape and kingdom-like shape, while Secret Garden focus on garden (well..doh!) and mandalas.

Below is several pages from Enchanted Forest that I took randomly. There are many good pictures inside I just can’t take them all to share it. Just like in Secret Garden, in Enchanted Forest also have “treasure hunt” where you can try to find animals or things listed on first page of the book.






I will share again once I colored one of the page in Enchanted Forest. For now, that’s all I can say πŸ˜‰

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Secret Garden – Cover and First Page Full Color

After a few days, I managed to color 2 pages! Yay… lol. If you haven’t read about this coloring book, then you can read it here.

I was looking for staedtler triplus fineliner in local bookstore, but they don’t have it 😦 So i changed to stabilo point 88. It has 0.4 mm tip (compare to 0.3 mm staedtler has) but it still works fine. There is only 1 problem i found… the ink sometime went through the next page, especially dark color. So i need to be really careful and hold it lightly when coloring.

My test page was the book cover inside. I put many different colors to see how they do on the paper.

Cover on progress
Cover Final

Tadaa.. what do u think? For me, whether it is good or not, i am happy to finish this lol. I felt relax when i did the coloring.

Next one, i tried on the first picture page. Way to many objects to color >__< I was struggling on finding the good color combination for each one of them. Sometime i felt stressful on picking up the color lol.

Page 1 on progress
Page 1 on progress

In the end, i decided just finish the page with any color my hand picked. I did this to relax, so no need to stress out myself trying to make a beautiful picture.

Page 1 Final
Page 1 Final

Apparently this picture has a good rate from some of my friends. I’m so happy!.. at least my struggle (with color), my work is appreciated lol.

I still want that coloring pen from staedtler though. . .