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Indonesian Passport Renewal in Singapore

It’s the time to renew my passport again~ Even though we can’t travel abroad for now, it’s better to renew it when you can. As a foreigner living in Singapore, passport is somewhat needed as well, for instance for the transaction on your bank. Since we are in covid period, there is a protocol that we need to follow before we can renew our passport. They have limit on how many people they can serve in a day to avoid getting too crowded, so we have to make an appointment online at their website.


Clicked on “Daftar” then pick the date and time. After you’re done, you will get the confirmation email.

Documents to be prepared : Old passport, Singapore Identity Card (IC), Form Perdim 11.

Make a copy of passport and IC each on A4 paper. Also don’t forget to buy a smartpac (small) at post office. Put your address detail on smartpac envelope.

Fee for passport renewal is $35, cash only at that time. I didn’t know this so I didn’t bring any cash and had to go elsewhere to withdraw money first. I wonder how they don’t use non-cash payment for this.. when other services are encourages to be cashless, our passport renewal still need cash payment.

Anyway.. on the day of appointment, I came there 15 mins before the time. Reported to the security and was asked to show old passport to the guard. He then gave me a visitor tag and a queue number. Mine was A91.

The queue number was at A60 when I entered the building. That’s a lot! I waited until they called my queue number. It took around 40 mins before they finally called my number. I went to the designated counter, submitted form perdim 11, old passport, copy of old passport and copy of IC. The officer asked me if I have smartpac. Yes I did, so she gave me a new form to fill out and sign. It’s a disclaimer form that they are not responsible for the delay of delivery or if the package is missing on delivery.

Once I signed and submitted all the form, I waited again to be called for photo taking and finger prints recording.

This time, I didn’t wait for long and they called me. I went inside a small room on the left. Got my photo taken and my finger prints recorded. It’s quite fast. Next, I just need to pay the fee at the cashier. $35 in cash only. So really make sure you bring cash.. or else you will have to find nearby ATM (which is not that near) to withdraw money. Like me 😦 It was quite troublesome.

The new passport was sent to my house around 3-5 days after. And I love my new passport! Every page has different picture and they are all uniquely Indonesia ❤

That’s my experience in renewing my passport here in Singapore. Hope this helps! Thank you for reading 🙂

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How to extend Indonesian passport in Ho Chi Minh City

My passport is expiring on October, which mean I can’t go there anywhere within this month until I renew it. I contacted Indonesian Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City at number +84838251888 and chose consular department. He was really nice and mentioning all the requirement to extend / renew my passport.These are the requirements :

  • 2 pcs 3 x 4 cm photos with red background (on file and printed)
  • old passport
  • residence card
  • filling the provided form (I got it when I went there).

Their opening hours is 9 AM – 12 PM and 2 PM – 4 PM, close on Saturday and Sunday. I went there and gave them everything but I forgot my photos (printed one)! I was already thinking they would send me back because of that, but they didn’t! They gave me the form and I need to fill it there and return to them. After that they gave me a receipt and a note that I need to bring my photos when the new passport is done.

I went there on Friday around 3.00 pm. Got a call from someone in consulate on Monday saying that he will process my passport. I asked him how long will it take to process it, but they didn’t give a clear answer. He only said that he will call me when the passport done. Okay then I just need to wait..

The next day, I got another call from him and he told me the passport is done! Whaaaatt? So fast! He told me to bring money to pay. It was USD $22. I asked him if I can pay in Vietnamese Dong, but he said I can’t 😦 So prepare money in USD for this.

And.. that’s it! It was very quick. They did a great job as Indonesian Consulate. Very helpful and no unofficial charge.

Hope this helps!


9 Nov 2016 : They only have stock of 24-pages passport now. And they only charged my husband for USD $7!! Why so much different than me?!