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Masizzim Singapore – Korean food restaurant

When I’m visiting Singapore, at 1 point I have no idea where to eat for dinner because too many options there and I somehow always ended up in Orchard Road (and get bored from eating at the same place for each visit). Luckily, I have a friend who lives and work in Singapore so she can tell me the place to eat with reasonable price.

She invited me to a Korean restaurant in 313 Shopping Mall. I was a bit hesitated. A Korean restaurant in Orchard Area? Sounds expensive. But knowing her, she wouldn’t invite me to an expensive place, so it would be okay. We met at 313 Shopping Mall and walked to basement floor where this Masizzim located. It doesn’t look like a Korean restaurant at all. I saw this place before and I thought it was some fancy place.

Masizzim 313 Singapore

We sat down and started browsing at the menu right away. Since my friend has been there before, she already knew what to order. She said their rice ball is delicious, so we ordered that. There are different kinds of rice ball but we chose the one with anchovy. We also ordered Tuna Seaweed Eggroll as side dish.

Tuna Seaweed Eggroll Masizzim
Tuna Seaweed Eggroll
Rice ball (Anchovy) Masizzim
Rice ball (Anchovy)

It didn’t take long for the rice ball to come. It is basically just rice topped with seaweed, fish roe, anchovy, sesame seed. The unique thing is we have to mix it by our self. They gave us a pair plastic gloves. My friend offered me to make the rice ball since she likes doing it. Once she done, we began eating! We both were quite starving lol.

The rice ball is very delicious! I LOVE IT! The taste was perfect and it was not fishy. We finished it in no time! Yum! Their tuna seaweed eggroll also delicious. It was soft and tasty.

Making rice ball.jpgRice Ball (Anchovy).jpg

Deep fried Spareribs
Deep fried Spareribs

Another friend of mine came as well, so we took that chance to order another portion of rice ball! Plus deep fried spareribs. It looked interesting when it came. We, Indonesian, like fried food. So this spareribs was awesome looking. Unfortunately, it was just the appearance. We put this dish as least favorite among our other order.

So, I recommend this place if you want something unique and yummy. The price also reasonable. Not crazyly expensive for a restaurant in a mall at Orchard Road. I definitely will come back again! Thank you for showing me this place, Pris!



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Osaka Ohsho – Noodle and Gyoza

As a fan of Japanese gyoza (dumpling), I can’t miss out this new place in town. It is located inside the new mall Saigon Center, on 5th floor. It’s one of the shop in Asia Village, some kind of food court with interesting concept. The area is not big though. Osaka Ohsho itself is quite big in area.

I tried to get someone to find seat for me but noone came, so I just picked one of the seat for 2 persons. After a while, the waitress gave me the menu. A set of 6 pcs gyoza is 45k vnd. They have ramen on menu as well, but somehow I didn’t want to try it. They also have set menu.

After contemplating for a while, I decided to try the set that is approved by Japanese (well at least according to them..). It’s a set of gyoza (6 pcs) and Sapporo Beer. I know.. not enough for lunch, but I didn’t want to try their other menu.


It took so long for them to serve the gyoza. I was hungry and already thought “This gyoza better be good, or else…”. Can’t do much anyway if it’s not good, so.. “or else.. I’m gonna eat ramen in Japanese area”.


Looks promising. The bottom was crispy. The skin was a bit too thick for my taste. But the filling is delicious. The composition of meat and vegetable are balanced. I would recommend my husband to try it as well.

Eating good food always made me happy! And this one made me happy.

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Riverfarm – new Vietnamese restaurant in D2

I had a lunch appointment with my friend but haven’t decided where to go yet. Then my friend suggested a new place in Nguyen Van Huong street. She said it is a Vietnamese Restaurant. And it allows dog! So we decided to check it out. 

The address is 199b Bis Nguyen Van Huong street. If you come from BIS direction, it is located right when the street turn to left. The entrance is quite clear. Should be easy to find. 

They have outdoor seating which would be nice to sit if it was not cloudy and almost raining. We sat under the roof, but still can see the river view. It was good enough. 

I looked at the menu and everything is so expensive! Pork ribs with 5 spices is 150k vnd. Beef skewer with noodle rice is 200k vnd. Since I didn’t know how good they are, I chose their lunch set. They have 3 kind of menu for lunch set. 

Braised chicken with chili and lemongrass

I ordered braised chicken with chili and lemongrass. The other 2 lunch set menu was not appealing to me (catfish, and fried egg with pork). Although my friend said the fried egg was good. 

Each of lunch set menu comes with steam rice, veggie and soup. The chicken I ordered was delicious. Too bad they didn’t serve it hot. The soup was warm as well so we asked them to reheat it. But overall the food was good. And another plus is the price. For one set only cost us 45k vnd! Very cheap for a restaurant with nice view, and very surprising as well because I saw a 200k vnd price on lunch set menu. But when the receipt came, it was only 45k vnd. 

There is a black dog who is friendly and always trying to play with my dog. This place is dog-friendly. Definitely need to come again with our dogs next time!