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Quan Oc Khanh – again ;)

Last weekend I went to Quan Oc Khanh again for dinner. This time I went with my husband because he never tried this one. At first I wanted to try the one he ate before, but it’s in district 10. Too far (read : too lazy).

We ordered 5 dishes this time, and tried some other menu. The first menu I recommended was the blood clam with garlic. I didn’t take picture of that dish, but you can see it on this link.

Here are the list of other menu we ordered (I forgot to take note of their name again -__-) :

quan oc khanh sea snail with butter

Some kind of sea-snails cooked in butter. Eat this with banh mi. Soooo good! A bit spicy though.

quan oc khanh oyster with garlic and butter

Oyster! This time I ordered oyster with garlic and butter. Delicious! Fresh oyster, very juicy.

quan oc khanh finger clam garlic

Finger clams cooked with garlic. I’ve wanted to try this since my visit to Barcelona. I didn’t order it at that time and I was still curious. My husband saw this one Quan Oc Khanh menu and he suggested me to order. It was a right decision! This clam is good. Especially when you eat with those fried garlic.. yummy~!

quan oc khanh clam with peanut and onion

Last time I ordered this one with cheese. This time I tried the one with peanut and spring onions. It was good, surprisingly. Clams and peanuts… I never imagined this combination but apparently it works.

For all those plus 2 banh mi and 3 sapporo beer, we had to pay for 450.000 vnd (About USD 20). I can’t get enough of snails and clams. My mouth still wanted more, but my stomach said it’s enough xD This restaurant is very recommended!

Food · Ho Chi Minh City · Vietnam

Quan Oc Khanh – Seafood Restaurant in HCMC

Who likes to eat snails and shellfish? I DO! I’m a big fan πŸ˜€ I love escargots, mussels, and other shellfish. In Vietnam, they have different style of cooking for snails and shellfishes. There are many seafood restaurants here, but I’ve just tried one of them. It’s Quan Oc Khanh. Located in a small alley in district 1, or to be exact inΒ 25/5 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Ho Chi Minh City.

I’ve been here 2 times. I know this place from my language teacher in VLS. She also loves to eat πŸ˜€ First visit was at dinner time several weeks ago, and the second one was yesterday at lunch. Amazingly, this place always busy when we came. They are open from 11.30 am til 10.00 pm everyday. It’s a very local place, with small table and small chairs. I like it though.

Their menu has pictures, so you can see which kind of snail, shellfish, or other seafood you want to order. There are some pictures on the wall as well to help you order the food.

They serve the food with banh mi (or vietnamese bread). If you want to have banh mi, you need to order it first. And if you don’t eat it, they still charge you based on the order. For example, we ordered 3 banh mi last time, but ended up only ate 1 banh mi. And they charged us for 3 banh mi. So for banh mi, you pay what you order, even though you can’t finish it.

These are what we ordered yesterday. I forgot to take note of their names T.T

oc khanh

This one is cooked with garlic and onion. Really good! My friend told me that this clam when you eat it raw, it tastes like blood.

oc khanh

This one is another type of clam, grilled with cheese (or pho mai in Vietnamese). Eat it while hot/warm. I like the clam but I think it would be better if it cooked with onion or garlic.

oc khanh

This one scallop with cheese. The scallop is really juicy! Yummy~ My friend likes to eat cheese, so she ordered cheese as well for this one lol…

oc khanh

This one is some kind of sea snails, cooked in butter. It’s a bit spicy for me. One thing to be noted is the butter has sweet flavor, not the salty one.

oc khanh

Last one is this. I saw the picture on their wall, and I’ve been wanting to tried this kind of snails. This one cooked with coconut milk. Yummy~

For all of those and 3 banh mi + 3 ice tea, we paid for 377.000 vnd (about 17 usd).

Next time I will try another type of cooking and another type of seafood πŸ˜€ And of course I want to try other restaurant as well πŸ˜‰